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Michael Hopkins, Iceland
2 weeks ago
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Michael Hopkins_6109


A very flexible and helpful tour operator, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_6109Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Tarina Larsen, New Zealand
2 weeks ago
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Tarina Larsen_6108

‘’our favorite excursion’’

Writing this review a wee bit late (our Phi Phi Sunrise Tour was in Jan 23') - our favourite excursion thanks to our wonderful guide, captain and assistant. Our speedboat and small group was the perfect size - we saw many envious glances from other tourists who were packed in groups of 20-40 onto their boats. Phi phi is phenomenal on its own, but the service aboard, pace and route of our tour really elevated our experience. The Thai buffet lunch was awesome too :)

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6108Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
JaedytkaJaedytka, Bexleyheath, UK
2 weeks ago
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Amazing tour, worth getting up so early, unfortunately, we had a storm first thing in the morning but the rest of that was so good day! Definitely recommend

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6101Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Rachel, Malibu, California
2 weeks ago
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‘’Would highly recommend!’’

Great experience! From hotel pick up to drop off, and being taken care of throughout the day. Our guide was so kind and knowledgeable. He snorkeled with our group to show us where all the cool fish live. Our light breakfast at Maya Bay was yummy and tranquil. The lunch we came back to was delicious as well. Would highly recommend.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6107Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Adrian IAdrian I, California, USA
3 weeks ago
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Adrian I_6100

‘’Excellent Phi Phi Islands Experience!!!’’

Joseph and his crew did a wonderful job of putting together this tour!!! Definitely recommend 10 out of 10!! We beat the crowds and we're able to take Beautiful pictures without folks in the back! They also had time to go swimming and snorkeling which was amazing as well! They also had snacks and drinks throughout the whole tour and had a large meal at the end so for the price its a great deal! Be mindful that the boat goes very quickly and can get bumpy at times with the large waves so if you don't mind the speed , this is a great option for you!! Thank you Joseph and crew!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6100Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
MekaMek910MekaMek910, South Africa
3 weeks ago
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‘’10/10 Joseph and his crew are great!’’

Fantastic Phi Phi island tour to avoid crowds! Joseph and his crew were amazing. Although it was such an early start time they were energetic and patient with explaining things to us. We also loved that it was only about 10-12 of us total rather than a huge crowd. We hit all of the go to spots and for the most part it was just our tour and not a lot of people. The food once arriving back is phenomenal! Definitely would recommend!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6057Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Andrew Uzenoff, Ireland
3 weeks ago
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Andrew Uzenoff_6106

‘’Great experience’’

Great experience that was worth getting up early for. Dee and the crew treated us like family!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6106Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Jasmine BradleyJasmine Bradley, Halifax, UK
24th May 2023
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Jasmine Bradley_6051

‘’10/10 Trip’’

Amazing experience, hotel transfer on time, tour guides were really good and helpful!! 10/10 amazing day definitely recommend this Phi Phi Island Tour!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6051Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
RisaRisa, Beijing, China
24th May 2023
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‘’Good tour’’

Enjoyed a full of activities. Koh phi phi in the morning was amazing!
The tour guide was very helpful

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6049Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Marc AMarc A, Texas, USA
4 weeks ago
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Marc A_6048

‘’A great way to see Phi Phi’’

Don't be alarmed by the early wakeup and departure. It's well worth it. After being served light snacks and coffee at the marina club, we headed off across the sea towards Phi Phi and Maya Bay, where we were one of the first visitors to arrive. Simply breathtaking unobstructed views! We were then served a delicious Thai breakfast, and it was off to our next location. We saw beautiful bays and twice snorkelled in crystal clear waters. The staff on the boat was amazing and made our trip an absolute pleasure. If you are looking for a high end small group speedboat Phi Phi island tour, this is the tour for you. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone looking to spend a day on the water visiting all the islands have to offer!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6048Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Ekin BEkin B, Tokyo, Japan
4 weeks ago
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Ekin B_6045

‘’Great experience’’

We really enjoyed our Phi Phi tour with Simba. The staff was very attentive and the food provided throughout was really tasty. It had several stops but it did not feel rushed. Overall I recommend this tour if you want to stay away from the crowds. One thing I need to note is that since it is a speed boat, when the sea conditions are a bit rough you have a shaky journey. If you get easily seasick I recommend you choose a tour with a larger boat to avoid discomfort. Our journey was rather shaky but my family and I were perfectly fine so we enjoyed the tour.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6045Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Jennifer Malcolm, London, UK
4 weeks ago
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Jennifer Malcolm_6105

‘’So organised & professional from start to finish!’’

So organised & professional from start to finish! The hotel pick up at 4.45am was punctual. A very comfortable speed boat, small group (17 people), with friendly & engaging crew - Noi was a humorous tour leader, along with wit’s fish expertise & Yai was an extremely competent skipper. Loved the snorkelling which was relaxed & was the perfect amount of time without feeling rushed or too long. We felt like VIPs with the delicious snacks served at Maya Bay in the early morning, before all the crowds descended. The drinks & snacks onboard were generous & plentiful & lunch was fresh & delicious. Excellent service & highly recommend! Worth the higher fee over the more overcrowded tours. The phi phi sunrise tour is definitely worth doing - don’t let the early start put you off.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6105Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Silvia CSilvia C, Milan, Italy
4 weeks ago
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Silvia C_6043

‘’Amazing Phi Phi Islands tour,super recommended! We would do it again and again’’

The whole experience was great and 100% worth the money.

*Major pros:
1. The guide, Mr. Harry, is an acculturated gentleman with a solid environmental ethic and a great passion for the culture of his country. He speaks perfect English and was most gracious and helpful throughout the day.
2.All the rest of the crew is equally outstanding, one of them even guided us in snorkeling, which I found very helpful.
The captain led the ship in a safe and responsible manner, despite the fact that on the way to Maya bay the sea was quite rough.
3.The food was delicious and fresh, from breakfast ( served on Maya bay) to snacks during the morning ( fresh fruit and springs rolls) to lunch served at the harbour club ( with lots of vegetarian options, finally!).
4.The tour starts very early in the morning ( meeting at 5:40 a.m. and leaving at 6:00 a.m.) representing this the biggest advantage: it will allow you to get to Maya bay first, enjoying the early morning light in peace without the hordes of tourists. It was a magical moment.

*Cons: Really none.

✓The Phi Phi island tour is in our opinion perfect, the staff kind and helpful, the guide top, the food top, an experience we will definitely do again if we return to Thailand!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6043Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
D730VTcamillesD730VTcamilles, Birmingham, UK
4 weeks ago
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‘’Worth It!!!!’’

Totally worth It! Although It may seem too early its amazing to see the sunrise at the sea and avoid crowds at all stops. The staff Is really nice, they give you lots of food after all activities and are very well organised. All spots are beautiful!!! One of the best Phi Phi island tour experiences in Phuket!!!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6040Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Nozima BNozima B, Tokyo, Japan
13th May 2023
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Nozima B_6030

‘’Many islands in one day’’

We were picked up by a provate vehicle at 5 am in our hotel and were taken to the Coco Pool Bar. Over there we were offered breakfast which was good.
We viewed the sunrise on the way to Maya Bay.
At Maya Bay beach we were offered sticky rice with coconut, banana pie and drinks. We had two snorkelling sessions, beautiful views under the water.
The experience was amazing and i would recommend the phi phi sunrise tour to anyone.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6030Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Imogen, Perth, Australia
12th May 2023
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‘’What an amazing day!!!’’

We spent ages looking at all the different James Bond Island tours available from Phuket but Simba was a standout because of the smaller groups. We were lucky enough to only have 3 people on the whole tour and had so many of the islands/beaches to ourselves! You leave earlier than the other tours but it’s so so worth it because you experience all the amazing islands before anyone else is there and beat all the crowds. Harry and his crew were absolutely amazing and very professional. He was very knowledgeable about the area and conservation and was happy to chat about any questions we had. He also took heaps and heaps of photos which was great! Thank you to Harry and the crew for such an unforgettable experience!! Cannot recommend Simba Sea Trips enough.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_5957Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Rory CRory C, Florida, USA
12th May 2023
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Rory C_5953

‘’Absolutely fantastic! Very well organised!’’

What a fantastic phi phi island tour! First boat out of the harbour in the morning to experience Maya Bay before the crowds. You then get a little breakfast on the beach before heading off to swim and snorkel in the waters surrounding Phi Phi islands.
On the way back you stop at a very quiet island where you have 90 minutes to do as you please. (Sunbathe, swim in the beautiful blue waters, grab a drink at the little bar or go for a little walk along the beach and get a great view overlooking Phang Nga bay)
Upon returning to mainland you are served a fantastic lunch before heading off back to your hotel.
Noi and his team were excellent! Everything was very well organised and you are given loads of information regarding the area throughout the day. We would definitely recommend this Phi Phi Sunrise trip!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5953Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Soma FSoma F, London, UK
10th May 2023
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Soma F_5955

‘’Beautiful sunrise, amazing hosts’’

Myself and my girlfriend had an incredible time with Harry and the team on the phi phi island tour. They really made waking up early worthwhile, very warm and accommodating team. We visited several bays with plenty of opportunities to snorkel, explore and relax. Would highly recommend booking with the Simba team.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5955Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
L AL A, Huntsville, AL
07th May 2023
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L A_6028

‘’Such an amazing day from sunrise to snorkeling. SO MANY, beautiful, giant clams!’’

This trip was very professionally planned. Communication was good. We were picked up on time and breakfast items were available to us at the start point, before boarding the boat, while we waited for others to arrive and check in. The trip itself was fabulous. Our tour leader and the boat crew were personable and fun and from sunrise to snorkelling we just had the absolute best time. Highly recommend this Phi Phi sunrise tour!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6028Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Sharon WSharon W, Sydney, Australia
02nd May 2023
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Sharon W_6019

‘’Best Day out’’

This is a must!!! Leaving early in the morning means you miss most of the crowds. Simba Sea Trips were wonderful and our host was entertaining and very hospitable. I highly recommend them. The tour group wasn’t too big and we were well looked after- plenty of water, drinks, Snacks and a lovely meal to finish the day. The places we went to were beautiful- crystal clear waters and plenty of time to enjoy them. 5 stars from me!!!👍😄

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6019Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Vanessa MVanessa M, Paris, France
28th Apr 2023
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Vanessa M_6017

‘’Rewarded by the early start!’’

This was a fantastic Phi Phi island tour and worth the early morning start to beat the crowds. We watched the sunrise from the boat in the middle of the ocean- stunning!- and then we were on our way. All the stops were made as advertised and it felt like the right amount of time at each stop. There was ample food with breakfast, lunch and snacks provided. The snorkelling equipment was good and no one had leaks or issues. There is a toilet on board which some readers may find handy to know. There was engine trouble at one point but the crew fixed the issue within 10 mins and extended our tour to compensate. We were very happy with this tour and would book with Simba Sea Trips again.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6017Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
HoedyHoedy, Beijing
26th Apr 2023
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Starting from our reservation, early morning pick up, seaview trip until returning us to hotel, Simba served us very well.

Very helpful, friendly and professional boat crew & tour guide. They look after us while we're in underwater.

Comfort speed boat with toilet + coolbox.

Perfect time slot for all spot.

Freeflow cold fresh fruits, mineral water, soda & snacks available.

Superb lunch @Simba restaurant boat lagoon.

Thank you Simba!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6015Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Diane PDiane P, London, UK
25th Apr 2023
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Diane P_6014

‘’Fantastic trip and spacious boat’’

Fantastic tour, the boat was clean and spacious and we had the seats out the front of the boat which are the best so highly recommend these .
The staff were very friendly and arriving at Maya beach early meant we missed all the crowds

The snorkelling was good and the lunch at the end was delicious

I thoroughly recommend this Phi Phi island tour, and company. So glad we booked with them as did lots of research on the various companies offering trips

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6014Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
tamarag196tamarag196, Atlanta, GA
23rd Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_6012

‘’Highly recommended way to see Phi Phi Islands’’

Amazing. Momo was energetic and friendly guide. Highly recommend a tour with her. Worth the 5am pick up. Pick up was prompt. Snacks, fruit, coffee, and tea offered before getting on boat. It’s about an hour from marina to first stop, Maya Bay. Arrived before most other tours. Blankets and breakfast provided at beach. Breakfast included fruit or custard sticky rice and banana bread. Lagoon swimming/ jumping off the boat is relaxing. Two snorkelling stops. Lots of fish and sea creatures. Some people on the tour did get to see small sharks. Staff were very attentive to those who were not strong swimmers or uncomfortable with snorkelling. Snacks and refreshments offered throughout the tour including fruit, spring rolls, and candy bar. The last stop before return is a beach that has a restaurant. The fruit smoothies are fresh and the shaded chairs are a plus. The beach sand is very soft and clean. Water shoes are not necessary. Recommend any flip flops or sandals. Wifi offered on the boat. Lunch is served at the same marina where tour begins. Includes green curry, cashew chicken, fried spring rolls, rice, and pad thai.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6012Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
KezKKezK, Shanghai
20th Apr 2023
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Brilliant tour operator (Simba). The Phi Phi sunrise tour is a must. Watching the sunrise on the boat heading to the islands was magical, and getting to Maya Bay before the throng of tourists arrived was perfect (allowed photos with nobody else in the shot). When we were leaving Maya Bay after a delicious breakfast on the beach, it was becoming so packed with tourists so for great photos and a relaxing atmosphere, the early pickup is a must! The snorkelling was great and we stopped off on Rang yai island (which had camping facilities that i would like to maybe stay at on my next visit) which had a beautiful beach to relax on. The buffet lunch back at the marina was also great. Well worth the extra money, Simba did a brilliant job and had lovely guides 👌🏻

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6010Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Justin BJustin B, New York, USA
19th Apr 2023
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Justin B_6009

‘’Friendly staff that will boost your energy.’’

This was a great Phi Phi island tour. Dee and the staff were absolutely great! Their friendly energy put us in a great mood and made our tour very enjoyable.

The staff went above and beyond in comparison to other tours we've taken. They make sure to show you the places to take the best pictures and spot all the animals for you to see.

The food was really good too!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6009Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
John and JJohn and J, Annapolis, MD
19th Apr 2023
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John and J_6007

‘’Excellent Itinerary and Crew’’

Excellent Phi Phi tour with Dee who was a ray of sunshine. The stops included Maya Bay for photos, two snorkel stops, a beach stop, and some others. The group was small but our boat was big. Overall, we would do it again, especially the early tours.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6007Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Sarah HSarah H, Brisbane, Australia
17th Apr 2023
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Sarah H_6005

‘’Best island tour Phuket’’

A wonderful day with this great tour company. Professional in every aspect with great commentary and fun banter. Noi was an amazing guide with the aid of Dang and Ant. Snorkelling and swimming spots were beautiful and the early start meant we missed a lot of the crowds. Lots of refreshments and a lovely lunch. The Phi Phi Sunrise tour was well worth it. Thank you.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6005Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Ryan PRyan P, UK
17th Apr 2023
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Ryan P_6004

‘’First class service’’

Great tour and the staff were amazing. Harry was a standout. Would do again and well worth the money.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_6004Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
G HG H, Beijing
16th Apr 2023
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G H_6003

‘’Everlasting memories!’’

What a wonderful Phang Nga Bay tour this was! The memories that were created were priceless! Very organised trip which showcased the beauty of Thailand perfectly. There were so many highlights to this trip! I do believe the early start combined with the small group of people made the trip to be absolutely perfect. Harry was a wonderful knowledgable host and his crew were very attentive. I didn’t think I would swim from the boat as I am not a strong swimmer , but I did! There is no pressure to participate in swimming if you wish not to, however the crew are very encouraging for you to make the most of your experience. I am so pleased I researched boat tours before we came out to Thailand as this trip was everything I could have wished for and more!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_6003Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Marlo RMarlo R, London, UK
14th Apr 2023
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Marlo R_6000

‘’Fun day trip!’’

Beautiful and fun day out! The views were amazing and sunrise was stunning. We had fun snorkelling and enjoying the day on the stunning turquoise water; even saw a shark while snorkelling! Saw monkeys frolicking from the safety of the boat. Wonderful memories made on this Phi Phi island tour.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_6000Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
MSE40MSE40, Switzerland
14th Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5998

‘’Phang Nga ECO tour’’

An amazing journey with our 2 children of 4! Relaxing moment far from the crowds, with fabulous crew, delicious food and lots of fun! I recommend this Phang Nga tour!

Phang Nga Bay ECO tour by Two Sea Tours_5998Phang Nga Bay ECO tour by Two Sea Tours
SaltwatercreekSaltwatercreek, Australia
14th Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5996

‘’Fun day with the Simba team’’

Excellent Phi Phi tour end to end. Our guide Dee was warm and friendly. It was well worth getting up early to beat the Maya Bay crowds.

The water was very inviting, despite a few stingers.

Plenty of snacks and drinks provided throughout the trip. Upon our return, we were the last boat to arrive back for a late buffet lunch, by which time most of the food had been eaten or sitting around. The staff did however cook a fresh batch of pork stir-fry and a plate of fresh pad Thai for our peanut allergic son.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5996Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Javier AdornoJavier Adorno, Bronx, NY
14th Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5992
Javier Adorno_5992

‘’Phi Phi!!!’’

This was an amazing Phi Phi Islands tour. We went nice and early and avoided the big crowds just in time. The tour guides and boat crew were very nice and knowledgeable. They made sure we were safe and well fed. They took pictures of us with no issue at all and took us to to safe areas for snorkelling and seeing the monkeys from a safe distance. Phi phi itself was the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen. It brought me back to the movie, The Beach. This trip was worth every penny. Don’t hesitate.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5992Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
TanyaTanya, Singapore
13th Apr 2023
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  • Star -4_5990
  • Star -5_5990

‘’Fabulous tour trip!’’

Fabulous day trip with Simba Sea Trips. The boat crew, and guide Harry, were really knowledgeable, fun and responsive to any requests. The scenery was breathtaking and all the snacks and lunch were great. We loved the canoeing and cave tour. They could not have done any more to help us. I would highly recommend.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_5990Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
TheRazzlingTheRazzling, Manly, Australia
09th Apr 2023
  • Star -1_5988
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  • Star -5_5988

‘’A perfect day in Phi Phi islands ’’

An incredible day seeing some highlights of Phi Phi islands. It was an early start, but meant we beat the crowds and got see so much before ending with a delicious lunch. The staff were so attentive and thought of everything. Highly recommend this Phi Phi tour!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5988Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
PatriciaPatricia, New York, USA
08th Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5986

‘’Great experience’’

Highly recommend the Phang Nga Bay Tour.
Guide was so kind and nice, staff were very helpful at all moments.
They offer very good snacks and drinks at each stop, lunch was very good at an amazing place.
It was a great experience.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_5986Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Dave RDave R, Melbourne, Australia
08th Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5984
Dave R_5984

‘’Top Class Trip’’

Highly recommend the Phi Phi Sunrise tour especially to avoid the crowds. From start to finish we were looked after by the crew (Noi, Sit and Wit). Nothing was too much trouble. The speedboat we travelled on was spotlessly clean and was very well maintained. My girlfriend has never been snorkelling before but due to the excellent guidance from Noi it was a great experience and highly recommended for not very confident swimmers. All in all a brilliant work while trip. Great value for money. Thanks all once again.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5984Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
msadnmchmsadnmch, Piura, Peru
06th Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5982

‘’Awesome Phi Phi island experience!’’

They picked up from each hotel very early and you join the rest of the group at their main office. They serve you with a nice coffee and some snacks. you arrive to phi phi islands when there is very few people and you can enjoy most of the beach for you! and they will provide you with breakfast typical from the zone and they carry you to different phi phi islands. you can also enjoy snorkelling and they will provide you with the equipment for that. At the end of the trip you will have lunch with them. Very recommended tour!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5982Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
mamakasamamakasa, Tucson, AZ
03rd Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5980

‘’Wonderful trip - highly recommended’’

We loved the Phi Phi Sunrise Tour. It was fabulous to be out before most other tour groups - we were usually leaving a spot as other boats started to arrive. We saw some wonderful reef fish during our two snorkelling stops and got some lovely swimming time too. Our guide, Noi, was excellent and the food was really good too.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5980Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
wassandrea18wassandrea18, Chesterfield, UK
03rd Apr 2023
  • Star -1_5978
  • Star -2_5978
  • Star -3_5978
  • Star -4_5978
  • Star -5_5978

‘’Epic day’’

Excellent Phi Phi sunrise tour, really worth getting up early for. Would be a totally different experience on a crowded boat and beach.
Stayed one step ahead of the crowds all day. Momo our guide was amazing, as were the rest of the crew. She took great photos of us and made an extra effort with the little ones who were also on the trip.
Only 16 of us and we were all made to feel special, even took us to a different snorkel stop to other boats as the sea was calmer, pointed out the clown fish on the reef.
The ride was a little bumpy in places but not too bad at all and I don’t like boats!
If you are considering this trip, it is definitely worth the early start and the extra cost.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5978Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Morgan BMorgan B, California, USA
02nd Apr 2023
  • Star -1_5976
  • Star -2_5976
  • Star -3_5976
  • Star -4_5976
  • Star -5_5976
Morgan B_5976

‘’Is a must do while in Thailand - made a lot easier with hotel pick up and drop off.’’

Very friendly staff, very informative. All staff were very interactive with the activities. Visited a private beach for an hour on the way back which was a highlight - the Phi Phi Sunrise Tour is the perfect idea to beat most of the crowds.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5976Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Sean till DawnSean till Dawn, London, UK
02nd Apr 2023
  • Star -1_5974
  • Star -2_5974
  • Star -3_5974
  • Star -4_5974
  • Star -5_5974
Sean till Dawn_5974

‘’Fantastic experience’’

The Phi Phi Sunrise Tour was fantastic from start to finish. The crew was professional, friendly, and 100% committed to making sure we had and fun and safe adventure.

10/10 recommend.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5974Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Flounder1708Flounder1708, Brisbane, Australia
02nd Apr 2023
  • Star -1_5971
  • Star -2_5971
  • Star -3_5971
  • Star -4_5971
  • Star -5_5971

‘’Swimming, snorkelling, Maya Bay what more could you want’’

Deciding to get up early for our Phi Phi Island Tour was a great idea, we managed to catch sunrise from the boat before arriving at Maya bay nice and early. We got down onto the beach for breakfast (among about only 10-15 others). It was great to have such a magical view almost to ourselves. By the time we left an hour later there were probably 200 on the beach (insta models at 10 paces - no thanks). The water was crystal clear and we could see the small sharks so clearly.

We had two amazing snorkelling stops. Sorry there are no photos, but I wanted to experience the stop rather than taking photos. Our guide was amazing, pointing out so many amazing fish. He also caught a puffer fish for us all to see.

On one of our stops we had a swim off the boat and our friend lost her watch in 6 meters of water. No challenge for the crew who put on a snorkel and found the watch on the bottom (hope you tipped well Kirsty).

Such a fun day

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5971Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Stian KStian K, California, USA
01st Apr 2023
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  • Star -5_5951
Stian K_5951


Wonderful experience on Simba's Phi Phi Sunrise Tour! Very commited, funny and excellent staff. Good food. And of course the sightings blew us away, beautiful!!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5951Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Juan MJuan M,
31st Mar 2023
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  • Star -2_5949
  • Star -3_5949
  • Star -4_5949
  • Star -5_5949
Juan M_5949

‘’A must do in Phuket’’

The phi phi island tour was worth the early wake up. Seeing the sunrise at sea and arriving early at Maya Bay and enjoying such tranquility was amazing. It's mostly a snorkeling tour, so be prepared to get exhausted by swimming and looking at fish!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5949Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
 steve steve, Baglan, UK
29th Mar 2023
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  • Star -3_5947
  • Star -4_5947
  • Star -5_5947

‘’The only tour company to use’’

We have done 2 tours with sim a now, Phi Phi island tour and the James Bond island tour. Both were amazing. Harry the tour guide can’t do enough for you and his knowledge of what you see, culture etc is top. Phi Phi sunrise tour is breathtaking and the snorkelling is spectacular (I’m not a swimmer and even I managed it as the bays they take you to are so calm and inviting). Managed to see a turtle, huge star fish, countless angel fish and parrot fish (Harry will explain why these are so important to the eco system) sea urchin and so much more.
Simba's Phang nga bay tour is a must if your a fan of the films, it’s history and sadly the mushroom rock won’t be there much longer due to erosion.
The islands and feature you see on this tour are amazing, it’s the real Thailand not Patong or Bangala road. The waters are so calm, warm and inviting. Can you do these cheaper? Yeah but do you want to? We had a maximum of 17 on our tour, another boat tour who pulled up as we were leaving easily had 50+ on it, and the biggest bonus no Russians who are just rude and vile. Other tours don’t give you half as much, we had unlimited soft drinks, breakfast snack before we set off, breakfast of banana bread, sticky rice with coconut, sticky rice with mango, fresh fruit with tea and coffee, main dinner which was as good as any restaurant and then more fresh fruit to finish the trip off. Also free WiFi on the boat. Book with simba you won’t be disappointed

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_5947Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
krystalsparkleskrystalsparkles, Philadelphia, USA
29th Mar 2023
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  • Star -5_5712

‘’We outside!’’

Today we had the absolute best experience with Simba Sea Trips Phuket. We had a private tour of Phang Nga Bay. We started the day being picked up at our hotel at 6am and we were dropped off full of food and joy by 3:30pm. We knew this would be our final treat for our vacation but our tour far exceeded our expectation. The stunning natural beauty of the beaches, caves, bay and islands was matched with the service and kindness of the staff. We were truly impressed. Nice to feel like Jay Z and Beyoncé even for a few hours. Thank you for making our luxury experience a lifelong memory! Don’t hesitate to book!

Luxury Phuket Speedboat Charter Tour_5712Luxury Phuket Speedboat Charter Tour
Ryan Christy,
27th Mar 2023
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  • Star -4_5706
  • Star -5_5706
Ryan Christy_5706

‘’We used Simba Sea Trips for our Phi Phi Sunrise Tour OUTSTANDING!’’

Recommended by a friend, if you ever go on a boat tour in Phuket, they are definitely the company to use.

They organised absolutely everything transfer from our villa to the marina, which was on time, and had a friendly driver.

Food and beverages all day, including breakfast and dinner at the marina in the pool side area, which is stunning.

The tour itself is hard to put into words thr natural beauty of the area, and knowledge from the tour guides is spot on.

They took us to see beautiful areas perfect for snorkelling and seeing many different species of fish it was a day I will never forget.

One thing to mention, please make sure you book direct as it is a lot easier and is the same price!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5706Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Joanne FJoanne F,
22nd Mar 2023
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  • Star -5_5637
Joanne F_5637

‘’Fantastic! ’’

Such a great day thank you so much! Yousef and the team were fantastic and even managed to recover my husbands wedding ring after dropping it during the snorkelling on our honeymoon! Legend!!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5637Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Mark PlewisMark Plewis,
22nd Mar 2023
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  • Star -5_5707
Mark Plewis_5707

‘’This was one of the best experiences of our trip! ’’

The guides were friendly and knowledgeable and took us to interesting places. Walking through a half-flooded cave was a ton of fun! We took the Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Thailand.

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_5707Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Kevin SKevin S, Waukesha, WI
16th Mar 2023
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  • Star -5_5638
Kevin S_5638

‘’I'd do it again’’

The staff on the boats was AMAZING...they made us feel very welcome and went out of their way to make sure we were having a great time. The island stops were well worth it. I am an avid snorkeler and the two snorkel stops we made were fantastic. The beach stops were pretty remote as well...which we liked. We preferred the smaller group on this boat as well vs. the larger (less expensive) boats.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5638Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Ian W,
14th Mar 2023
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  • Star -3_5639
  • Star -4_5639
  • Star -5_5639
Ian W_5639

‘’Amazing Phi Phi Sunrise Tour’’

The sunrise was spectacular - the crew on the boat especially Mo Mo looked after you so well - just so much going on in just a few hours but all of it good - would go again 100%

Sam W,
13th Mar 2023
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  • Star -4_5640
  • Star -5_5640
Sam W_5640

‘’A tour well worth the money!’’

This trip was so worth the money and the early start.

From beginning to end the trip was well organised and so much fun.

Noi was our tour guide with some others (forgot their names sorry!). Noi comforted those who were nervous of the speedboat or not confident swimmers and generally made time for every person in the group.

We were on a boat with 12 other people (14 total) and it wasn’t cramped or overcrowded.

We got plenty of time at each stop and the snorkelling experience was unbelievable!

Also all the food offered was really good, I am gluten free and I was catered for all the way.

Highly recommend!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5640Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Natasha NNatasha N,
08th Mar 2023
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  • Star -4_5710
  • Star -5_5710
Natasha N_5710

‘’I had the time of my life’’

I came here on a solo holiday and am the worst swimmer known to man and the tour guides were just wonderful. Not only was the sunrise and views spectacular, the boat clean and not too full, but the guides helped and taught me how to snorkel and wow, what an experience! If it wasn't for them, I may not have done it, ever. Thank you for a fab experience.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5710Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
EssexLovetotravelEssexLovetotravel, Essex, UK
24th Feb 2023
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‘’Super Simba’’

After going on the Two Seas excursion in the past, which was so amazing that we have suggested it to others who are going to Phuket, when we went back this time, we were unable to choose between going to Phang Nga or Phi Phi, so we went on both! These cruises are very different; while there is a lot of snorkeling on Phi Phi, there is less activity on Phang Nga. In contrast to the other trips that we observed, these boats have been kept in extremely good condition, and, as everyone claims, there are relatively few people on board. There is no question that getting up early is time well spent. As a result of everyone taking the advised pills, no one got sick, and they felt safe at all times. The food was excellent, and we even loved the turbulent seas. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and we would highly recommend this particular boat tour to anyone looking for a safe and enjoyable way to explore the ocean. The crew was knowledgeable and friendly, and they went out of their way to ensure that everyone had a great time.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_5665Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
 Tia M Tia M, Perth, Australia
23rd Feb 2023
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  • Star -5_5667
 Tia M_5667

‘’Special experience worth the early wake up!’’

This was such an amazing day! Although it is early, it is so worth it as you get the chance to explore everything before it gets too busy, which makes it so much more special. The spots are all amazing and the snorkelling is great fun! Not too difficult if it’s your first time in a while. They gave us food and drink throughout the day and finished off with a delicious buffet lunch!

Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, making sure everyone had a great time while also respecting the environment and marine life.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_5667Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
gregsf11gregsf11, San Francisco, CA, USA
27th Dec 2022
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  • Star -5_5671

‘’Review for both Phang Nga and Phi Phi Island tours’’

I was unable to make up my mind between Phang Nga and Phi Phi, so I chose to visit both of them (on separate, consecutive days). I don't mind being punished as much as the next guy (haha)! But if we're being serious, I'm delighted I did both of them since they're really distinct from one another. And I'm extremely happy that I went ahead and did it with Simba despite the fact that it cost a little bit extra.

What is shared across the two different Simba tours:

They both begin earlier than everyone else, and they are very skilled at managing their time in order to circumvent the masses. They also optimize the locations that you visit, such as avoiding spending your time with spots like Khai Nai island that appear appealing in photographs but turn out to be obvious tourist traps when you investigate them more. You will visit all of the primary locations that you are interested in seeing, such as James Bond Island, Maya Bay, and Monkey Beach; but, the minor islands that they take you to will be more interesting and private. For instance, the final island that we visited on the Phang Nga trip was my favorite since it had a beautiful beach, an optional strenuous trek to a breathtaking viewpoint that was supported by ropes, and almost no other visitors.

They both provide intimate trips, with a maximum of 18 participants (there were 14–15 people on the tours I went on), in contrast to other tour operators who can fit 40–70 people on each boat. The boats that they utilize have plenty of room inside. On the Phang Nga trip in particular, you had plenty of opportunities to lie down, stretch out horizontally, and doze off. Even on the smaller and more nimble Phi Phi boat, there was plenty room for passengers to move about freely. And maybe most crucially, everyone has the ability to gaze ahead and take in the vista. I've been on boats owned by other operators, and many of them are dreadful. Either you have to stand up to see anything, you're sitting shoulder to shoulder with other passengers, or the boat is stuffed to the gills with seats in an airplane-style configuration. An encounter that is much more pleasurable with Simba. The journey there and the journey back are both lengthy, and it is well worth the few more baht to ensure that you do not have to suffer!

Every one of Simba's trips is led by knowledgeable tour guides and operated by capable employees. The tour guide for Phang Nga Bay, Captain Harry, was fantastic. He had a lot of expertise, was fluent in English, and was well organized. But Momo on the Phi Phi Islands trip... she is simply something else. Maybe they should be given the title for finest tour guide of all time. I'm not sure how to fully express her one-of-a-kind fashion sense and the endearingly charming way that she phrases things, but let's just say that she's a lot of fun and simply makes everyone else's day better. If they assign you to the Phi Phi Island tour with Momo, consider yourself quite fortunate. I'm not sure whether you can select a certain tour guide, but if you can, you should absolutely make that request.

I was a bit worried that the early excursions would mean that the lighting wouldn't be excellent for taking pictures of James Bond Island and Maya Bay because of the shadows; the turquoise sea looks best when it is exposed to direct sunshine. Nonetheless, it did not seem to be too much of a problem in the end.

Since the weather prediction predicted for rain, I was also a little bit apprehensive, and I even wrote an email wondering whether I should cancel the event. They responded to my email by stating, in essence, not to worry about it since the weather would be great, and that I should trust them. They were absolutely correct! The weather on the sea and on the main island of Phuket may be extremely different from one another. In spite of the fact that it became gloomy later in the afternoon, getting an early start proved to be really beneficial. Even though thunderstorms often begin in the afternoon, we were successful in avoiding all of them.

In addition to that, I was a bit dismayed that we were unable to go out onto monkey beach. I believe I understand. If even one of the monkeys bites a passenger, the rest of the journey is going to be ruined for everyone. It is possible for you to go out on your own and hire a boat to travel to monkey beach. Momo also said that it is possible for you to go to the hospital on your own. That being said, the boat got so near to the shore that it was almost touching it. It was just a few feet away from the monkeys, and if you stretched out your hand, they could easily bite it. In conclusion, I do not feel as if I have lost out on anything much.

The only time I felt like I was given advice that wasn't very good was when we stopped to see the mangroves in Phang Nga Bay. Since part of the tour involves walking through a cave that is partially submerged in water, I wish I hadn't listened to the recommendation to go barefoot and instead wore my water sandals. That would not have made the trek inside the cave more difficult, but it would have made it easier, and it would have made the ensuing trek on sand covered with monkey feces more pleasant.

I am also glad that I took my own snorkeling equipment for the Phi Phi trip, as well as my own mosquito spray, dry pack, towel, and additional food. They offer everything that you need on board, however I found it more convenient to bring my own snorkeling equipment and fins. They had in fact considered everything possible. The dinner was merely satisfactory; it was enough, and you won't leave away hungry. Yet you're not going on this trip because you're interested in the cuisine either.

Both of the trips were fantastic overall. So glad I chose Simba. To spend a day or more on the Phi Phi islands is something that makes perfect sense to me. There is more work to be done than can possibly be completed in one day. But if you just have a few days to spend in Phuket, then going on one of these trips is time that will be spent quite productively. Both provide a variety of experiences, but each one is distinct in its own way. More snorkeling and swimming on the Phi Phi Islands trips, if that's essential. Yet the hongs in Phang Nga Bay are also an experience that should not be missed.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_5671Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
 Emily Emily, Skipton, UK
25th Dec 2022
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  • Star -5_5669

‘’A fantastic Christmas Day boat trip!’’

Outstanding assistance throughout the whole process. Our host Joseph and his team were great, and we had a wonderful time with them. The boat ride from Phuket to the first stop was quite turbulent, but we never worried about our safety thanks to the captain. The snorkeling was so amazing, it was almost like being in an aquarium. We were not in the least bit hurried at any of the stops, since we had plenty of time to spend there. The meal was rather tasty as well. For us, every aspect of the trip was a perfect ten, and it was a wonderful way to spend Christmas day.

Phuket Private Boat Charter_5669Phuket Private Boat Charter
 CamSaysHi CamSaysHi, Texas, USA
17th Oct 2022
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  • Star -5_4328

‘’Surreal experience worth the early wake up call. Plan for naps after.’’

What a phenomenal experience! Definitely worth the early wake up call. Noi, our guide, and his team were incredibly informative and fun! They were dedicated to making sure we all had a good time. We went during the rainy season, so we were VERY lucky to have sun out on our day. The early start ensured that we had sites to ourselves and it was nice to enjoy the experience without crowds. The team was very attentive to making sure we had snacks and drinks throughout the experience.

Between the sun and all the physical activities we did, my husband I were EXHAUSTED. If you do this tour, don’t plan anything else for the day. You’ll need the recovery time!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_4328Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Michael BallisterMichael Ballister, New York
30th Sep 2022
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  • Star -5_4221
Michael Ballister_4221

‘’Wonderful tour company.’’

It was a cloudy day so my wife and I were mildly disappointed but that was a factor of when we came to Phuket, not on the tour company. If anything, they did their very best to avoid weather and crowds. The main tour guide Noi (sorry if my spelling is off, brother) was extremely informative, energetic, and pleasant to be around.

Unfortunately, the weather prevented us from doing the Phi Phi island tour with Simba tours. The company was very responsible, notified us early, and tried to reschedule but the weather didn’t break until after we left Thailand. We opted for a refund and it came quickly, with no issues.

Our friends recommended Simba or ‘two sea tours’ to us and we will be sure to recommend to our friends in the future. When my wife and I make our way back to Phuket, Simba Tours will surely be on our itinerary!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_4221Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
27th Sep 2022
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  • Star -5_4222

‘’If you’re after an adventure this is the tour for you!’’

This was our second trip booked with Simba and it was another fantastic day on the water! Marina, boat and facilities were all clean and our safety as the first priority. Jane is a wonderful tour guide, she’s extremely knowledgeable about the history of Phang Nga bay as well as each island’s occupants. From someone who suffers sea sickness the calm oceans in the bay was never a worry and with a busy schedule you’re never stopped bobbing in the ocean.
James Bond Island was an incredible sight, canoeing and swimming through caves and hongs felt like we were in our own adventure movie (think Indians Jones!).
Lunch stop was good variety of Thai food and included a truck ride around the local island.
We’ve done Phi Phi and Phang Nga, both were incredible and have their own sights and styles so it’s well worth doing them both if you can fit them in to your vacation.
Congratulations to Paul and the team at Simba for running a fabulous tour company.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_4222Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
 Bella F Bella F, New York City, USA
19th Aug 2022
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  • Star -5_3996
 Bella F_3996

‘’A must do tour’’

Absolutely PHENOMENAL! Jane and the crew are world class. My family and I were treated with such kindness and patience. My son and I aren’t swimmers but Jane made sure to help us so we could snorkel. They also accommodated my daughters allergies. They shared their insights on Phi Phi Island, made sure everyone was enjoying each stop and the food was authentically delicious.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_3996Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
vithitacvithitac, Khao Lak, Thailand
18th Aug 2022
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  • Star -5_3993

‘’Perfect Phang Nga tour by speedboat and super convenient location’’

We have had the pleasure of touring Phang Nga Bay with Simba Sea trips on a few occasions, and while I have always been a big fan, I am humbled by how they manage to improve every single time we book an adventure with them. We were absolutely spoiled by the crew, always refreshing our drinks, feeding us fruit and snacks the entire day. They exhibited genuine enthusiasm as tour guides of Phang Nga's astounding beauties - always pointing out interesting facts and new discoveries around every corner. The staff showed true warmth and sincerity to me, my family and my friends visiting from overseas, and the overall experience was sublime. I am so grateful to have enjoyed another outing with this exceptional company and hope to try a few more. I would recommend Simba Sea Trips to anyone looking to experience an amazing Thai experience full of exquisite sites and superb hospitality. Thank you for always exceeding our expectations and taking good care of us. See you again soon Simba!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_3993Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
 Phillip C Phillip C, Holyhead, United Kingdom
15th Aug 2022
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  • Star -5_3998
 Phillip C_3998

‘’Amazing trip’’

Loved the whole day, the guides were excellent!
Mo Mo and team were very knowledgeable and made the day fun.
Food was very good at lunch.
On the last stop on the way home one of the guides was picking up empty bottles left by others and putting them on the boat, obviously caring for the area.
Keep up the good work guys

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3998Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Sari ZSari Z, Tel Aviv, Israel
06th Aug 2022
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Sari Z_4000

‘’Great company. A lovely day out for the whole family’’

A Great tour. Good value for money. 5 stops: canoes, secluded beach swimming, mangrove cave, James bond island and ocean fish farm. You get to see it all. The kids had a blast too. Very knowledgeable kind and professional staff, very punctual , very good service over all.
The boat is fast and perfectly sized. The sea is calm also during the rainy season. We enjoyed the trip immensely.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_4000Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
MyriamMyriam, Florida, USA
03rd Aug 2022
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  • Star -5_3883

‘’10/10 - Hands down worth the extra few bucks for a far superior experience!’’

MIAMI, FL, 36 year old female, bringing mom 66, to Thailand for a mother-daughter trip. It’s our first time in Thailand and….

The entire staff at Simba have been amazing. This excursion was definitely the HIGHLIGHT of our trip. I had spent a lot of time deciding which tour to join, this one in particular was a little bit pricier than the others, but I knew in my gut, that this would be worth the extra few dollars. I am SO GLAD, I went with them after all, for so MANY reasons…

No. 1: Momo, our tour guide and her accommodating staff were EXCELLENT!!!! So helpful, friendly, informative, hospitable, caring, flexible… and funny! They made sure everyone was taken care of and having a great time. Part of our snorkeling trip, one of the team members joined me and pointed out some fish and Coral I would have missed otherwise. He was so sweet and genuinely happy to show me a nice experience.
No. 2: The BOAT! While we were out, I got a glimpse of all the other boats that were doing the same excursion, and Simba’s boat is the FAR SUPERIOR option. It’s clean, comfortable, fast (really fast) and best of all, the sides of the boat is open to the water so your view in constantly open to the water and the beautiful surroundings. Sounds mundane right? But most of these other boats, the interior is completely closed off, meaning there are no openings to the sides of you. You sit in an in-closed boat, facing each other, your view is a bunch of strangers, versus facing the outside that we all intended to see. Considering that it takes an hour each way to get to your first and last stopping point, it makes all the difference. That alone was worth every additional dollar! The views you’d miss, the airiness and fresh air, you don’t want to compromise. Also, some of these boats had 30+ people on them. Ours was definitely more of an intimate setting with only 16 guests.
No. 3: They are one of the first boats to be out on the water, which means, you beat the crowd! We would be one of the first in, on our stops, and when we’d leave for the next, that’s when most of the other tours were coming in. Felt so nice to enjoy these hot spots without crowds of people.
No. 4: The Food! They do NOT stop feeding you on this tour. Consistently giving you snacks, fresh fruits, and drinks along the way. I was stuffed by the end of our excursion. The lunch on the beach was also delicious. Didn’t have high expectations but left impressed and satisfied.

Overall 10/10! This is definitely the way to do the Phi Phi tour!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3883Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Ellen Oxenham Ellen Oxenham , Japan
31st Jul 2022
  • Star -1_3885
  • Star -2_3885
  • Star -3_3885
  • Star -4_3885
  • Star -5_3885


This tour is outstanding!!! High quality Food, snacks and drinks provided consistently throughout the day, a really knowledgable tour guide who helped us find as many species of fish as we could snorkelling, and the added bonus of reaching each location on Phi Phi before the rest of the tourists. It is 100% worth every penny! If you are trying to decide which tour is best, I’m telling you book the sunrise Phi phi tour .. absolutely phenomenal!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3885Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Nakulchandra1234Nakulchandra1234, Yamunanagar, India
29th Jul 2022
  • Star -1_3887
  • Star -2_3887
  • Star -3_3887
  • Star -4_3887
  • Star -5_3887

‘’6 out of 5 Stars....What a Trip !!!’’

This tour is the most memorable and highlight of our trip to Phuket. Booked Phi Phi Sunrise tour with Simba after a lot of research on the internet and must say, wasn't disappointed even a bit.
At first, they might feel on a higher side compared to other tour operators, but that isn't the case at all because of the services they provide.
The itineary and timing is perfect so that you avoid large crowds at the main tourist places and reach before anyone does on the main islands. This gives you ample time to spend time in a silent environment without hustle and bustle of the crowds.
The speedboat is very very comfortable, the food they serve is amazing and you probably don't need to carry anything except for towels because they literally provide everything on the tour including sun mats for the beach.

However, something that is unbeatable is the kind of attention that is given to every passenger making it feel as if it's some kind of private tour.
Jane was our tour guide for the day and she personally helped my wife snorkel even though my wife didn't know swimming at all. Not only that, she was great at clicking pictures and making videos along with keeping everyone pumped up until the end of the tour with her Energy and jokes.
Thank you Simba for the wonderful memories !!!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3887Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
mridulalall09mridulalall09, New Delhi, India
26th Jul 2022
  • Star -1_3889
  • Star -2_3889
  • Star -3_3889
  • Star -4_3889
  • Star -5_3889

‘’ Excellent experience’’

The trip was very well curated and organised. The crew was friendly and made all the effort to make it special for me and my family. It was min number of people which was excellent as we could enjoy without too much noise and the crew could give special attention to all of us. Highly recommended

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_3889Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Richard MRichard M, Sydney, Australia
28th Apr 2022
  • Star -1_3471
  • Star -2_3471
  • Star -3_3471
  • Star -4_3471
  • Star -5_3471
Richard M_3471

‘’Set your alarm for a perfect day!’’

An absolutely fantastic experience all around, from the hotel transfers to the breathtaking scenery and activities.
The early start is immediately justified as you cruise out of the impressive Royal Phuket Marina to view the sun rising over the outline of the Thai Mainland and archipelago, before speeding off to Maya Bay. The pre-dawn wake up call is made even more worthwhile as you take in the crowd-free awe-inspiring view of the white sands and turquoise waters set to the magnificent limestone cliff background.
From here you get plenty of chances to swim and snorkel with some of the most beautiful tropical sea life while taking in the breathtaking scenery. There is plenty of food and drink on offer to keep you satisfied and hydrated throughout, and a nice Thai style lunch feels well deserved after the morning activities.
Head off to another island to sit back and relax, or take in a bit more snorkelling before setting off for home.
For us the pacing and timing of activities was exactly on-point and being back at our hotel for 3pm topped off a perfect day.
Last, and definitely not least, the tour guide and captains were terrific. Informative, fun, friendly, and attentive. They took care of all of our needs (they even made me a make-shift hat as I insisted on sitting at the front of the boat in the strong sun), and were clearly very conscious of the environment, making sure we left no rubbish or damaged our surroundings.

A 10/10 experience that I highly recommend.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3471Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
honeggmhoneggm, Switzerland
07th Mar 2022
  • Star -1_3169
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  • Star -3_3169
  • Star -4_3169
  • Star -5_3169

‘’Wunderschöner Sonnenaufgang / Phi Phi Island Maya Bay ohne Touristen’’

Super tolles Erlebnis!

Buchung über die Internet Seite von Simba Sea Trips. Aufgrund der Sandbox Bestimmungen konnten wir erst einen Tag vor dem Trip buchen. Simba hat aber alles perfekt organisiert. Transfer war on time und Zahlung klappte bestens.

Simba ist wohl die Organisation die am frühesten am morgen abfährt! Aber ES LOHNT SICH! Wir wurden 05:00 im Hotel abgeholt. Fahrer war super pünktlich. 06:00 ca dann Abfahrt mit dem Boot in Richtung Phi Phi Islands. Nach ca 30 minütiger Fahrt ein Stop dem Meer und Fotos mit dem Sonnenaufgang. SO SCHOEN!

Dann weiter Richtung Phi Phi. Nach ca 60 Minuten Fahrt Ankunft am Anlegesteg für Maya Bay! Wer kennt dies schon nicht. Leonardo Di Caprio und der Film "The Beach" wurden dort gedreht. Die Bucht war für 3 Jahre geschlossen. Jetzt darf man sie wieder besuchen. Ein Traum, Sand wie Mehl. Da Simba so früh abfährt waren wir quasi die ersten am Beach, mega! Wir verbrachten ca 1 Stunde dort, kleines Frühstück wurde am Strand serviert, wir haben kleine Haie gesehen und einfach den Ausblick genossen. Schwimmen darf man nach wie vor nicht! Knietief ins Wasser ist jedoch ok!

Danach weiter in eine andere Bucht, wo wir baden konnten, dann weiter in eine Bucht, wo wir Schnorcheln konnten. Ein paar schöne Fische gesehen, jedoch sind die Korallen leider mehrheitlich beschädigt oder quasi tod. Clobal warming lässt grüssen. Hier ist ein Schnorchelgang im Roten Meer in Ägypten viel schöner!

Darauf nochmals ein Schnorchelgang an einem weiteren Ort, jedoch wieder ähnlich. Dies gefolgt von einem kurzen Lunch und darauf Bamboo Island, 1 Stunde relaxen am Strand.

Super aufgestellte Crew! Daling oder "Darling" Share hat unseren Trip geleitet. Coole Witze, Sprüche, super aufgestellte Dame. Sie hat überall von uns Fotos gemacht und diese nach dem Trip mit uns per WhattsApp geteilt. Insgesamt irgendwie sehr familiär und mega freundlich/natürlich!

WIR HABEN ES GENOSSEN! Und Phi Phi Island Maya Bay endlich zu sehen war ein Traum!

Wir würden jederzeit Simba Sea Trips empfehlen!

Auch dank an Jack Sparrow... unseren Bootsfahrer! Ebenfalls kleiner Witz von Daling...

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3169Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Canevet ACanevet A, France
01st Mar 2022
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  • Star -3_3161
  • Star -4_3161
  • Star -5_3161
Canevet A_3161

‘’Osez rendre votre voyage inoubliable!’’

Un sans faute qui rendra votre séjour exceptionnel. Une expérience qui ne se refuse pas. Tout était top ! Le bateau, le personnel , le déjeuner grand luxe et les petites attentions tout au long de la journée.
Tout cela se justifie parce que vous réservez en direct, sans rétrocession aux hôtels donc la prestation est vraiment haut de gamme. Nous avons fait d'autres excursions pendant notre séjour avec des agences recommandées mais aucune n'a égalé Simba. Le seul choix pour nous pour passer un moment d'exception !!!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3161Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
ThomaThoma, United States
22nd Feb 2022
  • Star -1_3165
  • Star -2_3165
  • Star -3_3165
  • Star -4_3165
  • Star -5_3165

‘’Best tour I've ever been on’’

The tour was amazing and perfect from hotel pickup to hotel drop off. We were given so much food and drink from the moment we walked into the door. We made 8 stops around the Phi Phi islands including Maya Beach and snorkeling. The boat was really comfortable with plenty of shady seating for everyone to spread out. All in all, this is one of the best tours I've ever been on anywhere, and I travel a lot. Thank you so much for memories that will last forever!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3165Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Lauri LLauri L, Estonia
16th Feb 2022
  • Star -1_3163
  • Star -2_3163
  • Star -3_3163
  • Star -4_3163
  • Star -5_3163
Lauri L_3163

‘’Highlight of Phuket trip’’

A great experience which we would highly recommend for anyone struggling to decide amongst the available tours to choose from. Sunrise and Maya beach alone will blow your mind and are worth all the money - just stunning!
Although not the cheapest definitely a class above the others in terms of the quality of the boats and the service. The crew provided exceptional service and were a blast, fun, professional and engaging. Momo was a great guide!
The food provided was delicious, the facilities 1st class. There were two snorkeling spots - really nice!
Spend a little more, the benefit far outweighs the minor cost difference.
And as there were only 5 of us, it was literally a private trip!

None, really. A really early wake-up perhaps, to see the sunrise on the sea ( 04:30 for us, to get on time to Royal Phuket Marina)

Get enough sleep, it's a really intense trip.

CONCLUSION: Will recomment 10/10. If you have to pick one trip from the long list of trips to Maya Beach - go with Simba!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_3163Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
ABZNeilABZNeil, United Kingdom
12th Feb 2022
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  • Star -4_3167
  • Star -5_3167

‘’Excellent day trips’’

We had done a little research prior to booking and went with Simba Sea trips and this was definitely a very wise decision.

I can not recommend these trips highly enough. We took both the Phang Nga and beyond tour and also the Phi phi sunrise tour and the sights and stops you make along the way are spectacular. The early start to the tours means you generally have every island to yourself without other tourists getting in your pictures.

Both were excellently organised with pick up and drop off from our hotel with very helpful staff. Numbers on the tour were limited so you had space on the boat and food and drink were constantly provided throughout the trip. There is also an excellent Thai lunch out on for each tour at a very scenic location.

This is the best organised trip I have been on and you will not be disappointed. Well worth the extra money over some of the other operators.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_3167Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Mike WMike W, UK
15th Dec 2021
  • Star -1_2928
  • Star -2_2928
  • Star -3_2928
  • Star -4_2928
  • Star -5_2928

‘’Highlight of our trip to Phuket’’

Fantastic day out - I can highly recommend. Thoroughly professional operation right from the moment we were picked up from our hotel. Its an early start which is great as you get to James Bond island before everyone else - we were in fact the only people on the island! The crew were very polite and helpful and our guide Harry was enthusiastic and keen to share his local knowledge with us. The lunch was also very enjoyable - tasty food in a fantastic waterside location.

I've been on a few boat tours in Thailand and I can assure you they're not all made equal - think over-crowded boats, pushy 'up selling' and questionable food . If you're looking for a quality day out with small groups then look no further.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2928Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
marcuswhymarcuswhy, Ireland
15th Dec 2021
  • Star -1_2926
  • Star -2_2926
  • Star -3_2926
  • Star -4_2926
  • Star -5_2926

‘’Best boat company in Phuket!’’

The boat was not over crowded. They limit numbers to 18 people and there was 16 on ours. All the points of interest were fantastic. The 3 man crew were great. Polite and super accommodating. Khun Patrick has perfect English which was our main guide. Lived in Los Angeles for 6 years. The food was great. We had a great breakfast on the beach of Bamboo island which was amazing and there was no other tour boats there. This was one of the benefits of leaving early (6am). You beat the most other boats going out and have most of the stops to yourself or mostly to yourself.

My only feedback would be that the staff inform the passengers at the beginning of the trip there is a toilet onboard. Our first stop had toilets on the island and that was in until we got back. Let's just say I had about 1 hour of feeling very uncomfortable while expecting that each next stop 'must' have a toilet. Eventually I asked them would there not be a toilet stop somewhere soon for which they showed me the toilet on board. You would never have noticed it without them showing it to you. In fairness, partly my fault for not asking before but I was almost certain there was none on board. Everything else was absolutely perfect and I could not recommend this tour company or trip anymore. 5 star service all round!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2926Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Benjamin_RBenjamin_R, Australia
10th Dec 2021
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  • Star -3_2890
  • Star -4_2890
  • Star -5_2890

‘’The best experience possible around Phi Phi Island.’’

We had an incredible experience with the Simba Tour Company.

We were welcomed by Harry who was our tour guide, very kind and helpful person.

We had the privilege to do this tour during the slow reopening for tourists so we were only 9 Persons and we met close to 0 other tourist during the tour (which is, as we understood, very rare).

The tour starts at the hotel where the driver comes for you at the lobby, very welcoming, he puts you in the car with the other people doing the tour with you. You then travel to the Royal Marina, which is a very fancy port with nice apartments and houses all around it.

You get to the office where you can eat some snacks, drink water/tea/coffee and go to the restroom with no additional fees.
After a while Harry explains the tour and how we will proceed during the day.

You then get on a very nice boat (pretty comfy compared to some speed boat you take on cheap tours), where you can enjoy the view no matter where you're seated.

Then the real tour begins, and it's exactly as described in the viator page (looking at you , 1 star reviewer... lol)

The tour feels very exclusive , you're really taken care of by the staff, and the whole staff is amazing.

You get to eat some very good food for breakfast (fruits/cake and local delicacies) and for lunch (seafood, chicken, soup, spring rolls and steamed rice).

Also Harry will make sure you have the most amazing day and will give you some anecdotes and explanations about all the places you visit.

The staff provides you with beach mats, towels, 'water noodles' and all the equipment needed to snorkel. You also have access to drinks whenever you want and you are often asked if you need anything.

We were wondering two things before choosing this tour :
- Is the price justified
- Is waking up this early justified

We cannot stress enough how much the answer is a BIG YES for both.

We spent the best day possible in the company of Harry and the whole staff.
Thank you all once again :)

Wow! What a wonderful review. Thank you so much:-) We really appreciate reviewers highlighting our main differences from our competitors. As you have mentioned, there is a huge spectrum of tour operators in Thailand and we proudly sit a the top of the quality scale. Thank you once again for your very detailed review. We really appreciate your effort. Best regards, Paul

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2890Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
07th Dec 2021
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  • Star -4_2862
  • Star -5_2862

‘’Clearly a right choice’’

Only positive to say about the tour, about the staff and about the company. We made our decision to go with Simba based on great reviews and I can assure you that they deserve these completely.
The group was small enough, the staff very helpful and attentive throughout the trip. We had many stops during the day where we could snorkel, swim, walk on the beach or just enjoy the day. No rush whatsoever and we really got to experience the beauty of Phi Phi islands at an enjoyable pace.
All in all very happy with my choice to go with Simba! Cheers!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2862Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
ErbilErbil, Iraq
07th Dec 2021
  • Star -1_2860
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  • Star -3_2860
  • Star -4_2860
  • Star -5_2860

‘’Small group, great experience’’

We really enjoyed the tour. Our guide Harry was friendly and accommodating. The mixture of activities was nice, the snacks on board were appreciated, and the beaches were beautiful.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2860Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
MartinMartin, Melbourne, Australia
20th Nov 2021
  • Star -1_2793
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  • Star -3_2793
  • Star -4_2793
  • Star -5_2793

‘’Stop looking, this is the one!’’

After reading reviews and deciding which tour operator to go with we decided to go with Simba and we’re glad we did. Yes this is a little more expensive though this is to make up for having a smaller tour group rather than being packed in like sardines on other boats (which in this new covid world a little more space is always welcome)

The 5:00am pick up and 6:00am departure whilst on holidays is a little bit of a struggle in the end it is totally worth it as you get to the popular spots before everyone else which is great if you’re wanting to take photos and feel like you have the place to yourself.

After you’ve seen all the popular spots and done some snorkelling the last stop is Ko Phi Phi Don where you’ll get to have some Authentic Thai cuisine for lunch, which is delicious and included in the package and afterwards have some time to roam the island before heading back home.

After coming to Phi Phi back in 2007 it was a little sad to see the place so empty (due to covid) though I don’t think it will take long until this beautiful place is back in action.

Our tour guide Harry and the crew (I forgot their names - the bald one and the smiley one) were legends and made the day.

We would comfortably recommend Simba to anyone for a tour.

P.s- make sure you say hi to Michael the monkey!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2793Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Kevin CKevin C, Phi Phi
09th Jun 2021
  • Star -1_2421
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  • Star -3_2421
  • Star -4_2421
  • Star -5_2421
Kevin C_2421

‘’Worth it - 5 Stars’’

Simba sea tours is fantastic. My girlfriend and I just completed the sunrise phi phi island tour and we thought it was an amazing experience. While you do wake up earlier than most tours (woke up @ 5am), after completing the tour it is totally worth it. The company takes you from island to island, and because you wake up earlier, you avoid other boats which is really nice. Our first stop @ bamboo island was empty and it was nice to relax on an empty island. Also, unlike other companies, simba keeps the number of people on its boats to a maximum of 16 participants. In comparison to other tour boats we saw, they had probably double the amount of participants on its boat. Staff was professional, organized and very accommodating! Would highly recommend paying the extra money for the convenience and comfort that Simba sea tours has provided! The many 5 star reviews is legit!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2421Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Brett LeeBrett Lee, Australia
22nd Nov 2020
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  • Star -4_364
  • Star -5_364
Brett Lee_364

‘’Our adventure was incredible’’

My wife and I spent a week in Phuket and we ended up doing two Simba Tours, after being thoroughly impressed by our first tour.

We did the Phi Phi island tour, and the James Bond island tour. Both were amazing and I would recommend doing them both because they were very different from each other. The Phi Phi islands tour had snorkeling and a lot of pristine beach and lagoon locations, while the Jamea Bond island tour had no snorkeling but sea kayaking instead, as well as cave exploration.

Both times the driver showed up at our hotel in Karon beach early, and was very pleasant to deal with. He takes you directly to their office in the Royal Phuket Marina, where a light morning snack is waiting for you (boiled eggs, coffee, crackers, fruit, etc.). There's then a briefing of the tour on a large map that is very comprehensive so that everyone understands the days schedule and can ask questions. Both times the briefing was done by one of the tour guides named Harry who speaks perfect English. The tour guides themselves were amazing, we had Woody on our first tour and Harry on our second tour and I can guarantee that these guys are top notch. They really do avoid all of the masses, for example we were the first ones on the James Bond island, which apparently is very very busy normally. The tour guides know when the popular spots get busy and using the smaller boat (we had approximately 16 people on our first tour and 15 on the second), they are able to get in and out before the masses. The crew on the boat such as the captain and boat boy were always very friendly, often taking candid pictures of us, which they offer to email to you afterwards at no cost. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Highly recommend.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_364Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
austint675austint675, Jacksonville, Florida
03rd Mar 2020
  • Star -1_2297
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  • Star -3_2297
  • Star -4_2297
  • Star -5_2297

‘’Excellent Day’’

We had an amazing day with Simba Sea Trips. From start to finish they made it an easy and enjoyable experience. The meals were delicious, the staff was kind and helpful, and the views were beautiful. If I return to Phuket, I will definitely book another tour with them.

Krabi Island Tour_2297Krabi Island Tour
JSLCJSLC, Krabi Island
02nd Mar 2020
  • Star -1_2311
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  • Star -3_2311
  • Star -4_2311
  • Star -5_2311

‘’Impeccable la journée était magiq...’’

Impeccable la journée était magique , moi ma femme et mes 2 filles 5 et 9 ans équipage au petit soin, déjeuner ,repas rien ne manque , un grand merci à Jane pour avoir pris soins de nous, mes filles te remercie 😉 , exceptionnel bonne continuation bande de chanceux 🤫

Krabi Island Tour_2311Krabi Island Tour
LCamsell19LCamsell19, Jersey, United Kingdom
02nd Mar 2020
  • Star -1_2299
  • Star -2_2299
  • Star -3_2299
  • Star -4_2299
  • Star -5_2299

‘’Sun Rise Phi Phi Tour’’

My husband and I booked this tour and it did not disappoint. It is an early start but so worth it. Everything on time and the tour was amazing. Always the first people there on islands and you end with lunch on a private beach which was 5 starts. Overall amazing experience and would highly recommend. All staff were also excellent and caring.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2299Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
WillieBhoyWillieBhoy, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
02nd Mar 2020
  • Star -1_2292
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  • Star -3_2292
  • Star -4_2292
  • Star -5_2292

‘’Bucket List Ticked’’

Donna and me took this trip yesterday it was well worth it. Booked after reviews in TripAdvisor and does exactly what it says we arrived everywhere before the madding crowds. Crowd were made up of Americans French Greek and Brits good crowd we all love Americans Meet. by out guide Jane at Marina for tea coffee and light snack headed out to meet the 2 man crew and we were off to first stop to see sunrise at 06.40 then on to first island Bamboo for lovely light breakfast seen hermit crabs and 6ft plus monitor lizard, can't recall all the names of the islands but the setting for the film The Beach is most picturesque. 2 snorkelling stop and then fantastic lunch on last island which is only 15mins from Marina. Seemed expensive when booked but worth every penny. Can't fault it time flew by. Thanks again to Jane and the crew well and truly ticked my bucket list

Krabi Island Tour_2292Krabi Island Tour
swoop81swoop81, Ottawa, Canada
01st Mar 2020
  • Star -1_2301
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  • Star -3_2301
  • Star -4_2301
  • Star -5_2301

‘’Great trip’’

Going earlier, watching the sunrise, and being the first boat on the islands was worth it. The trip also was very well organized with almost no waiting anywhere. I was told I will get picked up from my hotel at 5:05 and the bus was there at 5. The check-in at the office before boarding the boat was also quick. The guides were very nice and helpful. So even though there are cheaper trips, I would pick this one instead again. Definitely recommended.

Krabi Island Tour_2301Krabi Island Tour
Blokeproof CirencesterBlokeproof Cirencester, United Kingdom
28th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2303
  • Star -2_2303
  • Star -3_2303
  • Star -4_2303
  • Star -5_2303
Blokeproof Cirencester_2303


Momo and the entire crew did an awesome job. I amazed at how many different fish i saw while snorkeling on this tour. Everthing was very well done indeed. Thanks Simba.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2303Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
cliftonjairishcliftonjairish, Salmiya, Kuwait
27th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2307
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  • Star -3_2307
  • Star -4_2307
  • Star -5_2307

‘’Simba Sea Trips - Tour Operators’’

Having traveled quite a bit, sometimes you just want to drop a review for a operator even if you did not take their service for just the correspondence and interactions you have with them. Same is my case for Simba Sea Trips. For Mr. Stewart Went. I was all set to take their trip coming March (2020). But due to the Corona Virus issue and bans from the Government, we have to cancel the trip. I am not writing this review as i was refunded in full but the way Mr. Stewart gave me information regarding the trip and in general, the customer care give is exception. I will definitely take the Thai trip again and I will surely book Simba. Thanks again for all the help and guidance.

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2307Phuket Private Boat Charter
soha msoha m, Ottawa, Canada
27th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2305
  • Star -2_2305
  • Star -3_2305
  • Star -4_2305
  • Star -5_2305
soha m_2305

‘’Phi phi islands’’

Loved our day trip! Unlike most other tour groups which were very large in number, our group with Simba was only 16 people which made the trip more comfortable and fun! Awesome and very friendly staff! Pick up was exactly on time! Definitely worth the early morning wake up time just to get to the islands before they get crowded with other tourists.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2305Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
BetsyHSBetsyHS, New York City, New York
26th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2309
  • Star -2_2309
  • Star -3_2309
  • Star -4_2309
  • Star -5_2309

‘’The absolute highlight of our trip!’’

What can I say? Thailand has been a dream come true and the trip of a lifetime. Thank you to Momo and her amazing team for a wonderful trip to Phi Phi. From watching the gorgeous sunrise to having breakfast on Bamboo island, this day couldn’t of went better. Momo, you were so knowledgeable and your enthusiasm made the day so much fun! Thank you for taking such beautiful photos of us! I will definitely be back again soon xoxo!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2309Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
EmmatchEmmatch, Geelong Australia
24th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2315
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  • Star -3_2315
  • Star -4_2315
  • Star -5_2315

‘’Great small group tour’’

Our family recently did a day tour with Simba and had a great day with Harry. Our group was 15 which was big enough. Early pick up meant we got to each spot before the crowds. Seeing the sunrise was pretty, James Bond Island was beautiful and loved the sea kayaking,our guides were very friendly and enjoyed a good laugh. We walked through caves to reach the mangroves. We had a short stop at a private beach for a swim which was lovely and the lunch stop at the beautiful and quiet Koh Yah was delicious, my husband and son had the chicken burger and say it was the best they'd ever had. Plenty of cool drinks and snacks available. Harry even picked up other tourists rubbish left behind on the beach to keep these places clean and he cares for the environment. For a small group tour I'd definitely recommend Simba Sea Tours.

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2315Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Jspan855Jspan855, Topton, Pennsylvania
24th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2313
  • Star -2_2313
  • Star -3_2313
  • Star -4_2313
  • Star -5_2313

‘’Phi Phi Tour is a MUST see’’

Our group of 5 enjoyed this excursion greatly. Everything about this tour exceeded our expectations. The tour group was small, the boat was clean, the guides were helpful, funny and extremely informative. We enjoyed a wonderfully delicious breakfast when we arrived on the first island, and enjoyed spectacular views unobstructed by the large amounts of boats and tourists at all other islands. We had fantastic weather, calm seas and an absolute BLAST. We loved everything about this excursion and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to book!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2313Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
bvorbachbvorbach, New York City, New York
23rd Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2317
  • Star -2_2317
  • Star -3_2317
  • Star -4_2317
  • Star -5_2317

‘’Great tour - definitely recommend’’

We had an amazing time on our tour. The pick up was definitely early, and the seas were a little rough on the way out, but we still had an amazing time. Our guide Woody was upbeat and seemed genuinely excited to show us around. The snorkling stops were full of beautiful fish and some amazing coral, all at depths of about 6-12 feet so you can easily swim down to get close. We could have easily spent two more hours snorkling. The lunch was also great, and we beat the crowds to both the breakfast and lunch spots - they were both empty when we arrived but packed with other tourists by the time we were leaving. We were so glad we took this tour.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2317Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Vicky ConstantinVicky Constantin, United Kingdom
22nd Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2327
  • Star -2_2327
  • Star -3_2327
  • Star -4_2327
  • Star -5_2327
Vicky Constantin_2327

‘’10/10 would recommend!’’

We went on the morning tour and our tour guide was Jane on boat 7. The tour was awesome, We only had about 10 people on the tour so we weren’t jam packed on the boat. We stopped at beautiful places and the first beach was my Favorite (bamboo island). Our tour guide and the two gentlemen on the boat with us were awesome. They seemed to really care about the customers. There was a guy on our tour who couldn’t swim and seemed uneasy on the trip, Jane took him in the water when we stopped to snorkel and swam around with him so he could also have a snorkel experience. He kept saying how amazing snorkeling was when he got back on the boat, I could tell he really appreciated Jane going above and beyond. 10/10 would recommend!

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2327Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
mikss1mikss1, Ottawa, Canada
22nd Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2321
  • Star -2_2321
  • Star -3_2321
  • Star -4_2321
  • Star -5_2321

‘’Great Semi-Private Tour’’

My wife and I booked this as a last minute excursion. I have to say, beating the crowds is a must when going to phi phi islands. Let me start by saying the speed boat was very comfortable. We got lucky and sat in the front next to the captain! The seas were rough that morning but the captain did a great job. The sunrise was beautiful. They stop for about two minutes for people to take pics. First stop, bamboo island for breakfast. We were the first ones there and it is just amazing. Off to Viking caves and maya bay. You get to swim in the bay. They take you around several of the islands with some stops to snorkel and swim or just relax. Our guide “woody” was great and very informative. Great first class tour. Highly recommend!

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2321Phuket Private Boat Charter
Steve SchaeferSteve Schaefer, Jacksonville, Florida
20th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2330
  • Star -2_2330
  • Star -3_2330
  • Star -4_2330
  • Star -5_2330
Steve Schaefer_2330

‘’Highly recommend them’’

An early start to the morning means getting to some islands before anyone else. Good breakfast, snorkeling, and even the lunch was great. Highly recommend them for the day seeing all of the Phi Phi islands.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2330Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Martin LMartin L, New York City, New York
20th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2323
  • Star -2_2323
  • Star -3_2323
  • Star -4_2323
  • Star -5_2323
Martin L_2323

‘’We Beat the crowds’’

What a fantastic experience creating some memories for life. The team at Simba are so friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. Safety, conservation and ensuring you have a memorable time are their priorities and it was a pleasure to spend her day with them. Although an early start you really do beat the crowds. When you land on Bamboo beach there is quite literally no one else there. Stunning! The food was delicious and plentiful. With actually two breakfasts and lunch and an endless supply of cold free drinks. I was particularly impressed with the boats. Most of the fast boats you see pack everyone in with no windows so you have to stand and peer over the top for a limited view, with the Simba boats they are open sided and with a max of 18 guest, comfortable uncrowded and giving you great views. The snorkelling was as good as I’ve experienced (and we’ve done the barrier reef and Jon Penenkamp) with an incredible amount of fish, coral and underwear life and the guides help you to make the most seeing them no matter what your snorkelling ability. Would thoroughly recommend Simba sea trips I posted pics so you can see the destinations for yourself.

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2323Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Graham CraftGraham Craft, United Kingdom
19th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2325
  • Star -2_2325
  • Star -3_2325
  • Star -4_2325
  • Star -5_2325
Graham Craft_2325

‘’Excellent choice’’

SIMBA tours was an excellent choice for us to visit Phi Phi Islands at sunrise. They were on time at the hotel for pick up. Yuki gave a great briefing of the day. We got started at 6am and we're at our first island for breakfast just after 7. We roamed the island and a wonderful breakfast was served. We stopped at the Viking cave then a lagoon to swim at. Then we headed to the lagoon where The Beach was filmed. BEAUTIFUL!! Then off to see the monkeys on the cliffs swimming., And another place to snorkel. The day ended with a stop at Ranga Island where we were served a fantastic lunch. The entire staff was terrific. I I would highly recommend to anyone

Simba’s Coral Delight_2325Simba’s Coral Delight
Chahrazad TChahrazad T, Jersey, United Kingdom
17th Feb 2020
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  • Star -2_2319
  • Star -3_2319
  • Star -4_2319
  • Star -5_2319
Chahrazad T_2319

‘’Most Beautiful places’’

The whole experience was wonderful and the crew was friendly, helpful and very enthusiastic. The food provided was delicious too. I definitely recommend this trip as you get to experience the sun rise on the way to Phi Phi islands and less crowds. We were back to Phuket by 2pm and had enough time to do other activities.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2319Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
HyunjunHyunjun, Phi Phi
16th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2334
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  • Star -3_2334
  • Star -4_2334
  • Star -5_2334

‘’Just book now’’

You will not regret the tour because it is worth every cent!! The views are spectacular, even the food is nice, and the tour guides and admin staff are so sweet and kind. They will always put you first and go beyond first-class service. Booking with Simba sea trips was one of the best choices we’ve made on our honeymoon.

Krabi Island Tour_2334Krabi Island Tour
AmberleyAmberley, Ottawa, Canada
15th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2332
  • Star -2_2332
  • Star -3_2332
  • Star -4_2332
  • Star -5_2332

‘’Couldn’t reccommend more’’

A highlight of my whole holiday. We originally were supposed to do the sunrise tour but I fell sick the night before and they very kindly answered our email after business hours (6pm) and let us switch to a few days later (we were very thankful). The tour was amazing, we loved going into the cave and the canoes as well as the beaches and views (we even saw a dolphin). There was a lot more to do rather then just sitting on a beach which my partner and I liked. Compared to other boats we only had 13 people on ours which was wonderful as you could walk around and wasn’t crowed The staff were lovely and couldn’t have been nicer. They took photos of us if we wanted and answered any questions and provided medical assistance when someone fell over. The food was wonderful wow! So much food! Morning tea (rice paper rolls), fruit and cake, lunch, more fruit and chocolate and drinks throughout. Was the best trip and wished we had more time to do another.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2332Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
80jazminec80jazminec, Austin, Texas
08th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2336
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  • Star -3_2336
  • Star -4_2336
  • Star -5_2336

‘’Best Boat Trip!’’

This experience was by far one of the best boat excursions I have taken. From the very beginning we booked the wrong day trip and they were flexible with us changing our dates. Communication with pick up was easy and consistent. The speedboat crew was amazing and super fun. We got to experience all of the major phi phi islands and even had some exclusive phi island experiences as well. There’s was plenty of great music and food! Thank you Simba Sea Trips tour operators for making Phuket an amazing trip!

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2336Phuket Private Boat Charter
donyan923donyan923, New York City, New York
07th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2339
  • Star -2_2339
  • Star -3_2339
  • Star -4_2339
  • Star -5_2339

‘’Grym utflykt’’

Vi njöt extremt mycket av denna utflykt. Serviceminded personal med humor. Rekommenderar verkligen Simba sea trips! Man får valuta för pengarna och hinner njuta innan folkmassan anländer.

Simba’s Coral Delight_2339Simba’s Coral Delight
KayCG0126KayCG0126, Phi Phi
07th Feb 2020
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  • Star -3_2338
  • Star -4_2338
  • Star -5_2338

‘’Just WOW’’

Picked this tour company from a recommendation from a friend of a friend. Little did I expect the amazing experience we had! Harry and his crew were so much fun and very informative about the history of the area. We learned lots of fun facts. Also, they kept us very hydrated and constantly feed us so that’s always a plus. They offered free WiFi on the boat as well ass dry bags for cameras. Everything was including except for sunblock! They even provided sea sickness pills prior to boarding the trip. My husband and I can’t say enough good things about this tour. We highly, HIGHLY recommend.

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2338Phuket Private Boat Charter
Michelle FMichelle F, Austin, Texas
06th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2343
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  • Star -3_2343
  • Star -4_2343
  • Star -5_2343
Michelle F_2343

‘’Great day trip!’’

Hotel pick up/drop off was flawless. The crew was great. The boat was large and powerful (which helped NOT get sea sick). The food provided was top notch. The various destinations were gorgeous and fun! We had a really fantastic time. Would definitely recommend.

Krabi Island Tour_2343Krabi Island Tour
Alwaert51Alwaert51, United Kingdom
06th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2341
  • Star -2_2341
  • Star -3_2341
  • Star -4_2341
  • Star -5_2341

‘’Simba is the best’’

Perfect organized. Pick up at hotel on schedule, good and save driver, small group. Nice and clean speedboat. Moh, our guide was helpfull, sympathic and professional. The food was very good. Simba starts very early but the result is that we were the first avoiding the crowds. Simba is a bit more expensive but in my opinion, worth it. The prove: I was very pleased and so I booked for the next day the James Bond and beyond trip having seen Maya Bay and the Phi Island tour.

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2341Phuket Private Boat Charter
Andrzej RAndrzej R, Ottawa, Canada
05th Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2345
  • Star -2_2345
  • Star -3_2345
  • Star -4_2345
  • Star -5_2345
Andrzej R_2345

‘’Simba Sunrise Tour’’

As a disabled traveller I was reluctant to go because of concerns for getting on and off the speedboat and toilet facilities. These were not problematic at all. The boat was indeed very easy to access. The toilet would have been a little trickier but wasn't a problem after all. I was able to see everything before getting on. I was so glad that I went. The ride was great, the service super. I didn't want to get off the boat at the various stops so food and drink were brought to me onto the boat. Very caring staff. The phi island sights and sounds on this trip were a great experience. Seeing monkeys swimming near our speedboat and all the fishes in crystal clear waters. Brilliant day.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2345Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
ManchesterChilledManchesterChilled, Jacksonville, Florida
04th Feb 2020
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  • Star -3_2359
  • Star -4_2359
  • Star -5_2359

‘’Amazing Phang Nga and beyond Tour’’

I went on the above tour yesterday from the moment I was picked up from the hotel until I was dropped back everything was amazing. You get confirmation emails detailing pick up times and they were there by that time - a quick breakfast at the simba sea trips office while we had a briefing on the day by the lovely Harry - There were only 14 people on our tour. We then went to the boat and met the crew who really couldn’t do enough for you during the day. First stop James Bond Island we were the first boat there - Harry helped with taking photos for anyone that wanted them. By the time we got back breakfast had been laid out on the boat for us. Next on to Hong Island and kayaking, once again Harry and crew helped with photos, we then went to Mangrove caves - Harry was very informative on whatever area we went to. We then travelled to Kah Yoh Noi for an amazing lunch - again very professionally run- our final stop was an hour on Noc Island (sorry if this is spelt wrong) - a little paradise, where the crew brought fruit trays and drinks around to everyone. I was a solo traveller and didn’t feel on my own at all. Harry and the crew are a credit to Simba Sea Trips, polite, knowledgable, humorous and all came across just wanting the trip to be extra special for everyone onboard. I would urge anyone thinking of doing a trip with Simba Sea Trips to just book it - small group size, safety conscious, professional and just Amazing

Krabi Island Tour_2359Krabi Island Tour
Luke HughesLuke Hughes, United Kingdom
04th Feb 2020
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  • Star -3_2353
  • Star -4_2353
  • Star -5_2353
Luke Hughes_2353

‘’Our adventure was incredible!’’

Our Simba Sea adventure was incredible. We had adventured all over Phang Nga Bay stopping at seven amazing spots inside the National Park area as well as off the coasts of Phuket and Krabi. The staff was so knowledgeable and incredibly kind every step of the way from taking photos at each location to making sure we were well fed (the veggie spring rolls were unreal) and hydrated throughout the day. Couldn't have imagined a better way to visit, learn about, and explore Phang Nga!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2353Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
IgnyIgny, New York City, New York
04th Feb 2020
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  • Star -3_2349
  • Star -4_2349
  • Star -5_2349

‘’The service is impeccable’’

Nous avons passé une très belle journée d’excursion avec Simba. Le service est irréprochable et très bien ficelé : une navette vient vous chercher à l’hôtel, vous êtes reçus à la marina avec un petit déjeuner et un petit briefing de votre journée. Ensuite direction le bateau ni trop petit ni trop grand mais puissant avec peu de clients à la fois c’est l’avantage. L’intérêt de passer par Simba c’est que certes vous vous levez tôt mais vous arrivez également les premiers sur les sites ce qui est très avantageux quand on voit le nombre de touristes dans ces îles. La visite de l’île de James Bond était vraiment très belle et nous étions les premiers , nous avons pu faire de très jolies photos . le kayak était très sympa car en plus des gens pagayaient pour vous c’est vraiment les vacances. Ensuite la visite de la grotte et de la mangrove étaient une belle surprise là aussi nous étions les seuls sur le site. Le déjeuner à khao ya noi était sympa car nous avons une très belle vue sur la mer et les rochers mais par contre les plats étaient un peu trop Light certainement pour faire plaisir aux occidentaux. Juste une petite déception pour la dernière ile , nous devions être seuls au monde ce qui n’ était pas le cas bien que ce n’était pas non plus surchargé. Le personnel était vraiment au top et très bien organisé avec des fruits frais et des boissons tout le long de la journée à disposition. Donc à recommander sans aucun souci pour l’organisation et les excursions le seul bémol est le prix car cela monte vite lorsqu’on est une famille avec deux enfants. Malgré tout je recommande à 100 % cette compagnie

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2349Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Léa LLéa L, Phi Phi
03rd Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2347
  • Star -2_2347
  • Star -3_2347
  • Star -4_2347
  • Star -5_2347
Léa L_2347

‘’Unforgettable day’’

Nous avons eu la chance de commencer notre voyage en Thaïlande avec cette excursion inoubliable ! Merci à harry notre guide et à toute son équipe d’avoir aussi bien pris soin de nous tout au long de la journée ! Harry est toujours au petit soin pour qu’on se sente bien et joue même au photographe pour qu’on puisse repartir avec de jolies photos ! Accueillis par un petit déjeuner et Super surprise du repas de midi dans un petit restaurant en bord de mer privatisé rien que pour nous, repas thaï délicieux ! Nous avons vu des paysages superbes et en petit groupe c’est vraiment l’idéal ! Encore merci !!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2347Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
StreadmanStreadman, United Kingdom
02nd Feb 2020
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  • Star -5_2361

‘’Private Krabi island and group phi’’

Freaking Awesome. We did the group tour at the Phi Phi Islands and loved it so much we did the Private Boat tour a few days later to the Krabi islands. It was money well spent. If I didn’t do these tours my trip to Thailand would of been mediocre. These tours made the trip. I cannot stress this enough please go do the private tour it will rock your world. The crew is amazing and they will even take pictures for you. The crew is very knowledgeable and their English is great! I would highly recommend this tour company.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2361Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Oliver EOliver E, Jacksonville, Florida
01st Feb 2020
  • Star -1_2363
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  • Star -3_2363
  • Star -4_2363
  • Star -5_2363
Oliver E_2363

‘’Magical boat tour!’’

This was without a doubt one the highlights of our holiday. We went on Simba 8 together with Patrick and his team who were fantastic throughout. We were 7 people total on the tour and were the last group to get to James Bond island and therefore avoided ALL other tourist groups. It was amazing - we had the place to ourselves. The rest of the cruise was also amazing and the crew did everything to keep us all happy. I would recommend this to anyone who want to go on bout tours in Phuket and avoid the masses of tourists. Worth every penny.

Krabi Island Tour_2363Krabi Island Tour
Sue WSue W, Jacksonville, Florida
01st Feb 2020
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  • Star -5_2357
Sue W_2357

‘’Second trip we went on with Simba’’

This is the second trip we went on with Simba Sea trips. Noi did a great job as a guide and the crew was great. We saw the sun rise from the water. We were hoping to get some great snorkeling in. After the first one we asked if there would be snorkeling and Andrea responded, “For the Phi Phi trip there is totally different snorkelling and you will do it twice plus any additional times you want to put on the snorkel. It's quite a different trip and definitely worth seeing the two places.” We snorkeled twice during our phi island tour. The islands were nice. There were many, many speedboats. Lunch was on a island 10 minutes from the port. The itinerary was just as they stated on the web sight.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2357Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Anthony LeeAnthony Lee, New York City, New York
01st Feb 2020
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  • Star -4_2351
  • Star -5_2351
Anthony Lee_2351

‘’Simba Sea Trips are amazing’’

Without a doubt Simba Sea Trips are amazing. We went on the Phang Bay trip visiting the caves, sea canoeing, James Bond island and much more. The service is amazing, starting with the free hotel pick up, welcome drinks and breakfast at check in. The staff are so attentive, offering you everything you need, drinks and fresh food on the boat during the journey, photo opportunities at the best spots to name but a few. They make you feel privileged to be in such a wonder part of the world sharing new experiences!! It is breathtaking! A truly magical experience, don’t hesitate to book with them....we have!! Our second trip on the Phi Phi islands tour is already booked! And one important last point! They do have a toilet onboard unlike a lot of other boats!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2351Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
lilfliplacelilfliplace, Austin, Texas
31st Jan 2020
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  • Star -3_2367
  • Star -4_2367
  • Star -5_2367

‘’Incredible experience.’’

I booked this tour because I wanted to get away from our resort. We booked the day before and got a last minute deal. The trip was wonderful. We did the sunrise phi phi tour. Single mom of a 2 and 5 year old. Jane was our guide and she was brilliant with my kids. The rest of the staff were excellent as well. The snorkeling was beautiful. Only complaint was the water was really rough because of the passing by boats which made it really hard for my five year old to snorkel (and she has snorkeled a lot before) but the on board staff looked after them on the boat so I could snorkel. It was truly a wonderful trip.

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2367Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Chelsea CChelsea C, United Kingdom
30th Jan 2020
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  • Star -4_2369
  • Star -5_2369
Chelsea C_2369

‘’So beautiful!’’

This trip starts very early and is long so you will definitely be tired afterward but it is so worth it. The company made the meet up super easy and seeing the sunrise was amazing. The different stops were also so beautiful and the swimming/snorkeling was so much fun. The staff was also very friendly and accommodating. I would definitely recommend!

Krabi Island Tour_2369Krabi Island Tour
BearJLBearJL, Jacksonville, Florida
29th Jan 2020
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  • Star -5_2371

‘’Great trip, great crew’’

They are wise to setup this trip so early, it's worth it getting out there before everyone else. The crew is entertaining and kind, highly recommended.

Krabi Island Tour_2371Krabi Island Tour
CassieD923CassieD923, New York City, New York
28th Jan 2020
  • Star -1_2364
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  • Star -3_2364
  • Star -4_2364
  • Star -5_2364

‘’Beautiful Phi Phi Islands!’’

First and foremost, if you are in Phuket and want to see Phi Phi Islands, book Simba Sea Trips! It was an early rise for this trip, but totally worth it. K’Noi and his crew were outstanding - cheerful, full of energy, and very informative. We were informed at all times where we were, what we were seeing, and what was up next. The food was actually pretty decent too (I highly recommend the banana loaf). You get to see/do so many beautiful things on this tour - the sunrise, a semi secluded beach, snorkelling with colourful fish (twice), monkeys, beautiful landscape and beaches (including the one from the movie The Beach). I can’t recommend this tour enough. We will likely do it again one day while we are living in Thailand! Thank you K’Noi, your team, and Simba Sea Trips!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2364Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
sydneywallflowersydneywallflower, Jacksonville, Florida
10th Jan 2020
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  • Star -5_2373

‘’Simba Sea Trips - Tour Operators’’

What an awesome experience! Our family has been on numerous sunrise trips to Phi Phi Island over the last 11 years prior to this trip however this is our first one with Simba. Simba is just in a league of its own and far superior to our other Phi Phi Island tour operators. We booked Simba knowing that they prided themselves on having the smallest numbers on their boats. We were pleasantly surprised to know that our lucky family of 5 (2 adults and 3 teenagers) were the only passengers on Simba 4 on that Sunday, January 12. What a great start to our trip! From the punctual pick up at around 1:30 pm from our hotel, upon arrival at Royal Phuket Marina, we were warmly greeted, offered drinks and briefed about the itinerary. As we were the only passengers on our trip, we received such personalised service from Patrick (wonderful tour guide), William (a great photographer) and the captain (very safe). As we set off towards Phi Phi on the new and beautiful Simba 4 speedboat at around 2:30 pm we passed numerous speedboats coming back from the opposite direction from the Sunrise trips to Phi Phi. Simba specialises in avoiding massive crowds and this sea trip was amazing in that regard because on the two snorkeling stops, we were literally the only ones snorkelling in the beautiful Pileh Lagoon. As it was late in the afternoon, the water temperature was just perfect. William snorkelled with us and pointed out big blue starfishes and sea cucumbers. Bring your water cameras! There was an abundance of marine life - baby reef sharks, Nemo fishes and my daughter was also able to video good size turtles underwater. Patrick and his crew provided a tray of delicious snacks- seasonal sweet fruits, banana cakes and drinks (beer, cider, soft drinks etc). One of the highlights is watching the most beautiful red sunset we had ever seen on our way back to the marina! It just doesn’t get better than that. Simba delivered a much superior experience compared to our previous trips with the other cruise companies that we have used. This trip comes very highly recommended. It is premium and just by chance, our trip turned out to be a private cruise which was a great bonus. We also didn’t have to wake up early to avoid the crowds. It was hands down, the best Phi Phi trip we have done with our family. Thanks Simba!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2373Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
mtupchurchmtupchurch, New York City, New York
08th Jan 2020
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  • Star -5_2290

‘’Best Day of our Vacation’’

We did the Sunrise Phi Phi Island tour and had an incredible day. The early pickup (4:45 AM) from Kata Beach was well with it when we were one of the first boats to reach Maya Beach on Phi Phi. We were constantly ahead of the crowds all day at all 6 of our stops. The crew provided a great breakfast and lunch for us. All the gear for snorkeling (2 stops) was provided as well. We only had about 17 people on our boat, which had room for 40, so the ride was very spacious. Other boats we passed throughout the day looked very cramped on their boats. If you want to see the Phi Phi Islands, I highly recommend using Simba Sea Trips and leaving before sunrise!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2290Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
DianeDiane, United Kingdom
07th Jan 2020
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  • Star -5_2355

‘’Excellent Guide’’

Excellent guide, Momo, who went out of her way to appease everyone on board! Professional service from pickup until drop off. Great job!

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2355Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Greg DealerGreg Dealer, Jacksonville, Florida
06th Jan 2020
  • Star -1_2374
  • Star -2_2374
  • Star -3_2374
  • Star -4_2374
  • Star -5_2374
Greg Dealer_2374

‘’I would HIGHLY recommend Simba’’

We opted for a private boat tour and were able to adjust our itinerary to accommodate the places we wanted to see which included the Phi Phi Islands and Krabi... from the beginning to the end everything was handled in a professional and efficient manner and our crew for the day were wonderful. The tour and tour company exceeded all expectations and I would HIGHLY recommend Simba to anyone - thanks again everyone at Simba for the wonderful experience!

Krabi Island Tour_2374Krabi Island Tour
MelanieMelanie, New York City, New York
01st Jan 2020
  • Star -1_2428
  • Star -2_2428
  • Star -3_2428
  • Star -4_2428
  • Star -5_2428

‘’Simba Sea Trips - Tour Operators’’

Beautiful Trip - highly recommended. We were picked up from our hotel by a clean modern mini bus at 5.05am. We arrived to Phuket Marina for a small breakfast snack (coffee, Milo, yoghurt, breakfast bars). At about 6am we were briefed on the itinerary for the day and then went to our boat.. We had a small group of 16 people and the speed boat was very well maintained and modern. Our guide was Nuong and she was lovely, as was our captain and his "sidekick" It took about an hour to get to Phi Phi Island. If you get seasick I recommend taking a large dose of Travelcalm. I get nausea just standing on a dock, but I had 2 travelcalm at 5.30am and another 2 at 9.30am and no sign of motion sickness at all.... There were others on our trip that weren't so lucky 🤢 If you're pregnant or have back problems you shouldn't do this trip as the ride over is like a fast 4x4 drive with every pot hole hit....fun though! Breakfast is served on the boat between islands and lunch is a beach picnic which was all delicious.... But be warned, the sauce that is provided with the breakfast rolls is not a salad dressing and is super spicy. We stopped to snorkel 3 times to see a variety of different marine life including baby sharks, nemo, sting rays and so many more tropical fish. The photos don't do this trip any justice....it is highly recommended.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2428Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Stephanie LlanosStephanie Llanos, Ottawa, Canada
31st Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2389
  • Star -2_2389
  • Star -3_2389
  • Star -4_2389
  • Star -5_2389
Stephanie Llanos_2389

‘’Thoroughly enjoyed’’

Simba Sea Trip tour was throughly enjoyed! The crew onboard was comical and very thoughtful. They were knowledgeable of the various islands and the history behind it. The boat and facilities we all clean and well kept. I highly recommend them for any excursions. You could not have asked for anything more!

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2389Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
ashleighcondashleighcond, Austin, Texas
31st Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2378
  • Star -2_2378
  • Star -3_2378
  • Star -4_2378
  • Star -5_2378

‘’A Birthday to remember’’

A truly unforgettable experience. We went on 3 tours with Simba during our stay and I would highly recommend this company. These tours made our trip! I have reviewed all individually. Simba catered for all dietary requirements and were throughout the day reassuring me on what I could eat. We were picked up at 6am from our hotel in Phuket. We arrived at the Royal Phuket Marina and we could help ourselves to drinks and food. We then had a briefing of where we would be going during the day. The views are stunning as you are on the way, and you won’t be able to believe your eyes. Sea Canoeing was fun and a great experience. James bond island was stunning and getting to pose with the guns was a plus! Lunch at a beautiful Thai restaurant on the beach front was brilliant. Sitting out the front of the boat sunbathing with relaxing music was a perfect end to the day – we didn’t want it to end! Harry was just fantastic, always looking after us and very knowledgeable. Can’t thank him enough for such an amazing day. Believe the reviews, you will be one of the first to the tourist spots and just as we were about to leave, we saw a number of boats arriving. I have been on tours in the Philippines with a cramped boat and arriving at all the sight-seeing spots with many other boats. This experience was worlds apart and is 100% worth the extra cost. I t is such a personal experience and we were fortunate to have such lovely people join us on our tours. It is such a personal experience and we were fortunate to have such lovely people join us on our tours. The crew are on hand to take pictures whenever needed. WIFI on the boat was brilliant.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2378Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Andrea PfannerAndrea Pfanner, Phi Phi
31st Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2376
  • Star -2_2376
  • Star -3_2376
  • Star -4_2376
  • Star -5_2376
Andrea Pfanner_2376

‘’Phi Phi Island Tour und es war para’’

Wir machten mit Simba die Phi Phi Island Tour und es war paradiesisch. Früh morgens starteten wir vor allen anderen Touristentouren und waren der großen Masse immer vorsus...Frühstück im Paradies,..traumhafte Orte und Schnorchelstopps, Mittagessen am Strand .....eine unglaublich tolle, lustige Crew...nur 18 Personen an Board...es war einfach fantastisch- etwas teurer, aber jeden Baht wert. Mein Tipp: rechtzeitig buchen und unbedingt mit Simba touren-es lohnt sich. James Bond Island machten wir mit anderem Anbieter, da Simba ausgebucht-kein Vergleich...nur Touristenrummel

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2376Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Nikki CooperNikki Cooper, New York City, New York
30th Dec 2019
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  • Star -3_2388
  • Star -4_2388
  • Star -5_2388
Nikki Cooper_2388

‘’Awesome morning tour’’

Awesome morning tour with Noi of Phang Nga Bay - gorgeous location, and Noi knew the best spots to bring us before the crowds rolled in. Lunch was great too. Thanks!!!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2388Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
pingnanhpingnanh, Jacksonville, Florida
30th Dec 2019
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  • Star -3_2384
  • Star -4_2384
  • Star -5_2384

‘’Sunset Tour--- Phang Nga Bay’’

Patrick did a great job during our tour. This is a very easy tour without a lot of energy involved. If you just want a speedboat ride round islands to enjoy sunset, this is a good choice.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2384Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
So Beautiful!So Beautiful!, Austin, Texas
30th Dec 2019
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  • Star -4_2380
  • Star -5_2380
So Beautiful!_2380

‘’So Beautiful!’’

A truly unforgettable experience. We went on 3 tours with Simba during our stay and I would highly recommend this company. These tours made our trip! I have reviewed all individually. Simba catered for all dietary requirements and were throughout the day reassuring me on what I could eat. We were picked up at 5am from our hotel in Phuket. We arrived at the Royal Phuket Marina and we could help ourselves to drinks and food. We then had a briefing of where we would be going during the day. We were out on the boat for Sunrise and we had a stop for pictures. The early get up was worth it for this stunning view. Next we arrived at bamboo island to have breakfast and we were the only tourists there, so peaceful (Banana bread is so good). We did a few snorkelling stops and the waters were very clear, we saw lots of fish. The stops throughout the day are well thought out and so beautiful! To end the day, we stopped at another beach to have a fantastic lunch! Believe the reviews, you will be one of the first to arrive at the tourist spots and just as we were leaving, we saw a number of boats arriving. I have been on tours in the Philippines with a cramped boat and arriving at all the sight-seeing spots with many other boats. This experience was worlds apart and is 100% worth the extra cost. It is such a personal experience and we were fortunate to have such lovely people join us on our tours. The crew are on hand to take pictures whenever needed and even took my go pro down to film Nemo fish in the coral. Soft drinks are offered all day and plenty of food to keep you going. Jane made sure we were all ok throughout the day. All round a perfect day, thank you Simba.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2380Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
mrsk163mrsk163, New York City, New York
29th Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2386
  • Star -2_2386
  • Star -3_2386
  • Star -4_2386
  • Star -5_2386

‘’Great trip with a great crew!’’

Simba Sea Trips was a fabulous tour! We got picked up on time from our hotel. As soon as we arrived at the office, breakfast and briefing was provided. Then Woody and his crew took out for the island tours. It was a fantastic day. The boat was modern, clean and comfortable. We have 15 people on boat and never feel crowded. The crews were attentive and friendly and made sure all of us are having a great time! Def will use them again if we return to Phuket!

Simba’s Coral Delight_2386Simba’s Coral Delight
DruRDruR, United Kingdom
29th Dec 2019
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  • Star -3_2383
  • Star -4_2383
  • Star -5_2383


Like many other travelers, I can tell you that Simba did not disappoint. You are reading a review about Phang Nga and Beyond. From the online booking through to the very end of the trip, it was first class the entire way. We were contacted the afternoon before our trip with a personal email indicating our pickup time. We arrived at the beautiful Royal Phuket Marina to find a great spread of coffee, tea, bread, yogurt, juice, water, etc for a snack before our guide, Harry, gave us a rundown of the day using a big dry erase board map. Then we boarded the boat quickly and within a minute were out to open sea. The captain and crew were great, Harry was genuine and we had a wonferdul time. Each member of the Simba team seemed to be above and beyond. We spent just enough time at each stop to take in the sights, get great photos, and then move along to avoid crowds. We arrived before the crowds and departed just as people were arriving. Never were there more than a handful of people at each stop - and I am writing about a day between Christmas and New Year where it is the ultra-high season in Phuket. Get up early and make the trip with Simba - you won't regret it.

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2383Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
B6794OKcarlarB6794OKcarlar, Jacksonville, Florida
28th Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2381
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  • Star -3_2381
  • Star -4_2381
  • Star -5_2381

‘’Amazing day out on the water’’

Our guide Yui was excellent - she was very knowledgable, friendly and very accommodating. The crew was equally excellent and hospitable throughout the tour. Having a small group and starting before sunrise made all the difference in order to avoid the crowds and we also caught a breathtaking sunrise first thing. The rock formations were awe-inspiring and the food and beverages served throughout was a nice touch. A very well organised tour - probably one of the best we've ever been on. What a great tour company - no wonder they're so highly rated!

Krabi Island Tour_2381Krabi Island Tour
lscars98lscars98, Ottawa, Canada
27th Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2392
  • Star -2_2392
  • Star -3_2392
  • Star -4_2392
  • Star -5_2392

‘’Awesome Simba Sea Trip’’

We had a wonderful time on our Simba Sea Tour which was the perfect end to our Thai vacation! The tour was small which was really nice and we were the first ones to Phang Nga Bay which can see several thousand tourists a day during high season. Our lunch stop was delicious and our tour guide was wonderful and very knowledgeable about each of our stops. The boat was beautiful and had plenty of room for us to spread out and was stocked with snacks and drinks for the duration of our tour. Our guide was also great at making sure that each group got some really nice photos which was especially nice for my husband and I as we often forget to take photos of ourselves. Simba Sea Tours was recommended to me by a friend who did several tours with them earlier this year and we were not disappointed!

Simba’s Coral Delight_2392Simba’s Coral Delight
katieleigh1989katieleigh1989, United Kingdom
26th Dec 2019
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  • Star -3_2390
  • Star -4_2390
  • Star -5_2390

‘’Perfect in every way!’’

I can’t begin to explain how good this tour was. Before we arrived in Thailand I researched plenty of different tour providers, a lot of them claiming to be the best. What made me book simba was the many amazing reviews. Which is why I had to post my own after my experience! We arrived at the tour reception area to breakfast snacks, tea coffee & water and a safety/brief on how our day was going to go. This is also where we met our tour guide Harry who from the start to the end was the most perfect guide. We left to go to the boat and made our way out of the marina. Every single stop we was one of the first boats there, meaning it was never over crowded. We got to see everything in its natural beauty without having to push our way through anywhere. It had been planned perfectly and Harry was always on hand to answer any questions and always had the best knowledge of everything that we saw around us. He also gave us plenty of tips on what to do at each stop. We got to kayak through caves, swim in a very private bay, take in James Bond island, and have lunch at a lovely Thai restaurant over looking Krabi. As much as the sights were beautiful & we felt like we were in a film for most of the trip, it wouldn’t of been the same without Harry and his crew. They rinsed our feet every time we got back in the boat/even rinsed us all over if we had been swimming in the sea. Harry offered us drinks and food at every moment he could, I don’t think I’ve ever had a tour guide as attentive as him. Thank you all for your kindness, we wish we could do it all over again & when we come back to Thailand we will definitely be coming back to simba.

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2390Phuket Private Boat Charter
Musha2112Musha2112, Austin, Texas
24th Dec 2019
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  • Star -4_2405
  • Star -5_2405

‘’Fantastic trip’’

We enjoyed every single minute of our trip with Simba Sea Trips! They could not do enough for us! Very recommended indeed, was worth getting up at 4:30 am!

Krabi Island Tour_2405Krabi Island Tour
LeeL_11LeeL_11, United Kingdom
24th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2403

‘’Fabulous day to phi phi island’s’’

Had a fabulous trip to phi phi islands with Simba tours. Woody our guide was constantly giving us info about the surroundings , crew were very professional but very friendly too , boat was clean and not overfilled plenty of room to move around, breakfast and lunch was lovely , well worth getting up at 4am for

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2403Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
SharonLManuelSharonLManuel, Phi Phi
23rd Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2401

‘’Phi phi sunrise’’

Highly recommend Simba Sea Trips. We were picked up at 4.50am prompt as emailed the day before. Taken to the marina where we payed the balance,had refreshments and a little talk about the trip. The boat ride was quite bumpy. Momo our guide was lovely as were the two other guides on the trip. Kind,helpful and informative. A lovely trip

Simba’s Coral Delight_2401Simba’s Coral Delight
Voyager517045Voyager517045, Ottawa, Canada
19th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2400

‘’A Must Do!!!’’

This is one of the best excursions we have ever done! I normally don’t take the time to review, but have to get the word out on this tour. There are so many companies to choose from and it’s hard to know which are legit. The staff is so friendly and waking up at 4 a.m. to see the sunrise and beat the crowds to the Phi Phi Islands is worth it! I would use this company again and the views on this tour are unreal. Swimming in the lagoon was the highlight. We saw a puffer fish and small sharks. Don’t worry, these sharks don’t bite

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2400Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Mujeeb SMujeeb S, United Kingdom
19th Dec 2019
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  • Star -4_2398
  • Star -5_2398
Mujeeb S_2398

‘’Simply amazing - 6 stars’’

I could give this 6 stars if it were possible, it was that good. Waking up at 4am was hard but I am sure nothing else beat the energy that early mornings bring. The waiting lounge was neat and clean. The boat was well stocked and very neat. The boat ride started sharp at 6am after an overview given by the super energetic and very lovely lady, Momo. She gave us a bird's eye idea of what to expect. Being the first to reach a couple of Islands was awesome, as you have the white sandy beaches all to yourself. Food (Breakfast, Snack, Lunch) were all amazing and tasted fresh. Beauty of the islands is hard to describe and you have to see it to feel it. Special mention for the Simba team, Momo, Nut, San and the driver, all 4 of them are superb and their happiness about the job makes others feel good throughout the trip. Momo and Nut are great photographers, and special mention to Momo, who wouldn't settle for a less than amazing (sexy) picture of you. Also because they limit the boat to only 16 passengers, it gives them time to personally care for everyone. They helped my non-swimmer wife learn some basics and also let her snorkel around to watch some colorful fish. I'd strongly advise SimbaSea tours to retain this team no matter what, as they are the ones who made this trip memorable by being super lovely.

Krabi Island Tour_2398Krabi Island Tour
Traveling Jane DoeTraveling Jane Doe, Jacksonville, Florida
18th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2394
Traveling Jane Doe_2394

‘’Perfect day tour to visit Phang Nga’’

My husband and I thought this tour was perfect. We left really early in the morning which made the bay visit a lot less crowded. It was still warm enough to swim and enjoy everything and still beat the crowds. The stops were great and we really enjoyed the beaches and nok island was gorgeous! I would definitely recommend this tour!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2394Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Dan NDan N, New York City, New York
15th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2409
Dan N_2409

‘’Hope you get woody’’

Ok. Got your attention. Book with Simba and get a top rate experience. Woody and his crew explained very clearly all that would happen. The trip was a little rough going across to the first stop so if you are a novice boater, take the seasickness pill they offer. For the experienced speed boat nut, the ride up front and in the back( you will get wet a little) are a hoot. Snorkeling was a blast. We left the pier at 7:00 am after be picked up at our hotel at 4:50 am. We saw the glorious sunrise out on the water. These guys were super friendly and accommodating to our every need. Highly recommended and will book again. Only about $300 for a seven hour trip. Great bargain.

Simba’s Coral Delight_2409Simba’s Coral Delight
Alanna BAlanna B, Ottawa, Canada
15th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2396
Alanna B_2396

‘’Awesome crew fantastic day’’

Woody and the team looked after us all day 10 family and friends on private charter. Well worth the money!!

Krabi Island Tour_2396Krabi Island Tour
Dilly BillimoriaDilly Billimoria, Austin, Texas
12th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2434
Dilly Billimoria_2434

‘’Easy to book, fair price’’

Easy to book, fair price last minute got a good deal. Very friendly, attentive team. Tour guide Harry was assuring, knowledgeable & made our day special. Wonderful photos taken. Would definitely recommend Simba Tours

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2434Phuket Private Boat Charter
Rebecca BRebecca B, Ottawa, Canada
10th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2413
Rebecca B_2413

‘’The trip was amazing’’

The trip was amazing our tour guide was so good too! Highly recommend! The weather was also gorgeous

Krabi Island Tour_2413Krabi Island Tour
Kieron GKieron G, Jacksonville, Florida
09th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2407
Kieron G_2407


Awesome trip with great guides. Harry was fantastic and very knowledgeable. The tour was very cool and scenery was out of this world.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2407Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
HabberstadHabberstad, United Kingdom
07th Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2457
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  • Star -4_2457
  • Star -5_2457

‘’Awesome SUNSET trip’’

Harry was the perfect example of a great tour guide. He was very knowledgeable about all of the sights and history, he was great with knowing all the great "photo spots", and he was a very casual guy. Not overbearing, but just one of the guys. Everything they advertised was delivered. Unfortunately, Simba was fuly booked for the all-day trip, and the "next-best" company was not even close. They earned the largest gratuity that I gave out on my 2 week holiday. I RECOMMEND SIMBA FOR ALL THE PHI PHI ISLAND EXCURSIONS.

Krabi Island Tour_2457Krabi Island Tour
PeterR0wePeterR0we, Ottawa, Canada
07th Dec 2019
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  • Star -4_2438
  • Star -5_2438

‘’Exceeded Expectations!’’

We have undertaken many boating tours around the world and this was one of the best tours we've ever taken! Momo, our cheerful guide and the crew Mr N and Mr Poh were amazing. The 5 am pickup time was more than worth it to see the sunrise out on the sea. After an hour boat ride, we went afoot Bamboo Island and enjoyed a swim and walk along the beach without a crowd. This was where "The Beach" was filmed not one of Danny Boyles films best but a cracking start to the day. Also a delicious breakfast of spring rolls and fresh fruit. We then jumped off the boat at Pileh Bay an emerald green lagoon, on to Maya bay (National Park) and snorkelled at Viking Cave and snorkelled again at Nui Beach. Finally, we ended the trip in the best way possible at Koh Rang Yai Island, where we feasted on so much food and had a couple of beers. We had the best time and will have so many amazing memories.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2438Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Rochelle SRochelle S, New York City, New York
07th Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2436
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  • Star -3_2436
  • Star -4_2436
  • Star -5_2436
Rochelle S_2436

‘’Jane and her crew are the Best!!!’’

The sunrise was absolutely beautiful! It was so worth it to get up early. Jane was super nice and offered to take pictures for everyone! Jane and her crew were very organized and friendly. I was the only one aboard who couldn't swim and Jane tought me some basic moves with the noodle and I was able to remove my lifejacket and just use the noodle. She took me separately from the group and we snorkeled for 30 mins! It was kind of her to help me have the same experience as everyone else. I'm really grateful for her! She gave me confidence in the water, so much the I jumped off the boat with a life jacket! Her and her crew offered us beverages and snacks, they provided breakfast and lunch. I'm a vegetarian and they made a bunch of special dishes for me. They were very accommodating! This was the best tour we took in Phuket!

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2436Phuket Private Boat Charter
Danielle WhiteDanielle White, Austin, Texas
06th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2441
Danielle White_2441

‘’Highly recommended..’’

Highly recommended.. Shout out to our tour guide Harry on the James Bond tour. He was entertaining, organized and knowledgeable!

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2441Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Cheryl HCheryl H, United Kingdom
05th Dec 2019
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  • Star -4_2455
  • Star -5_2455
Cheryl H_2455

‘’Never Disappointing....Exceptional.’’

I know its a big call, but you will never be disappointed with Simba Tours and Krabi Classic was amazing. Early start but the Sunrise was outstanding. Small group from different countries and all delightfully young. Amazing travel stories throughout the day. Lots of Island Hopping, swimming, snorkelling, walking, unreal photos, great lunch and swim at Centara Resort. (Just leave me there). Tour guides informative and helpful and funny. The scenery overall must be seen to be believed. Relaxing day and so enjoyable. Cool drinks, fruit, banana cake on boat. Lunch...yummy. Early arrival at each place, therefore less people. Always feel safe and comfortable on boat. The last stop outstanding. Pick up and drop off by tour company. MUST do.

Simba’s Coral Delight_2455Simba’s Coral Delight
Shanelle SwamyShanelle Swamy, Austin, Texas
05th Dec 2019
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  • Star -5_2447
Shanelle Swamy_2447

‘’5 Stars’’

My 2 friends and I booked Simba Sea Trips after reading reviews. We had heard they were the best but didn’t know just how good they were till we got there. Not only did they provide on time transportation to and from our hotel (30 mins away from the marina) but they also drove us back after! They provide plenty of snacks and food throughout the day (2 meals) and had amazing hosts. The tours were both informative and amazing. Plenty of activities to do, they provided us with beach mats and snorkeling gear. They really went above and beyond with service through the trip. Absolutely amazing and highly highly recommended!

Krabi Island Tour_2447Krabi Island Tour
Giorgio SGiorgio S, Ottawa, Canada
05th Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2440
  • Star -2_2440
  • Star -3_2440
  • Star -4_2440
  • Star -5_2440
Giorgio S_2440

‘’Excellent Phang Nga Bay Tour’’

I was completely satisfied by the sunset tour of Phang Nga Bay with Simba Sea Trip, a cruise operator based in Phuket. The tour went beyond my expectations. I was able to see all the sights on my list, from Koh Panyee to Koh Phing Kan of James Bond's fame. The tour was led by a competent guide and took place on a luxury speedboat staffed by a competent crew. We moved around the bay rapidly and efficiently encountering no crowds. It was truly and enjoyable and productive experience. I unreservedly recommend both tour and operator.

Krabi Island Tour_2440Krabi Island Tour
Kim FKim F, Jacksonville, Florida
01st Dec 2019
  • Star -1_2459
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  • Star -3_2459
  • Star -4_2459
  • Star -5_2459
Kim F_2459

‘’Well-planned and Thoughtful Trip’’

It's hard not to enjoy the beautiful area, but Simba made it even more enjoyable with its attentive and thoughtful service. The crew (Patrick and co.) are very friendly and make sure you're having a good time. They adjust the itinerary according to weather and tide conditions to make sure you get to see everything on the agenda. They serve snacks (fruit, banana cake, and late afternoon chocolate) and drinks (water or soda) on board. We had only 8 in our group, even though the boat could easily hold 16 or more without feeling crowded. Great trip that met expectations!

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2459Phuket Private Boat Charter
nicpullinnicpullin, Jacksonville, Florida
29th Nov 2019
  • Star -1_2451
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  • Star -3_2451
  • Star -4_2451
  • Star -5_2451

‘’Worth Every Baht’’

I highly recommend Simba Sea Trips. We did the Krabi Classic tour with guide Momo and she was knowledgeable, endearing and hilarious. The tours have a much lower capacity than others, so the ride is fairly intimate and doesn't feel like a cattle call. It is very much worth the premium.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2451Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
jonesytaosjonesytaos, United Kingdom
21st Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2411

‘’Great morning out.’’

Our experience was quite similar to Dominic M's “Read before choosing your boat tour” with a few differences in that the later stops (e.g Maya Bay, Pileh Lagoon) were very crowded by the time we got there. The key positives for us were: - The sunrise was spectacular and worth the early start. We were given plenty of opportunities to take photos (thanks to the smaller group); - It was great to be the first boat to arrive on Bamboo Island and the only boat at our 1st snorkelling spot; - The crew did a great job looking after us, plenty of fresh food and cold drinks; - While the reefs we snorkelled over were not as great as the Great Barrier Reef, the fish life at our 2nd stop was plentiful. Overall - a very good day and we have no hesitations in recommending this tour. Dear Jonesytaos, Many thanks for selecting Simba and for taking the time to review us. We are always happy to hear from our guests about both the good and the bad points. It seems the order of events on the day of your tour was changed up due to tide restrictions at Phileh Bay. It is very shallow with rocks at the entrance to the lagoon and is not suitable for speedboats at some tidal lows. This happens occasionally, and the upside to this is that we snorkel earlier in the day, so our guests can snorkel at spots where no-one else has yet arrived, as was the case on your tour. The Phi Phi National marine park has thousands of visitors each day so avoiding other travellers altogether is impossible. Simba's early departures from Phuket are the only way to experience the park before it fills up to much larger crowds later in the day. Our guest often comment on how busy the park is becoming generally while we have finished our time there and are heading off to lunch at a quiet island outside of the busy park area. I'm very glad you enjoyed your day out with us, and we'd be delighted to take you out on some of our other tours to Phang Nga Bay which are generally less crowded than the Phi Phi Islands, if you are able to return to Phuket. Thanks Again! Regards, Simba Team

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2411Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Olivia GarciaOlivia Garcia, New York City, New York
16th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2461
Olivia Garcia_2461

‘’Momo rocks!! 2nd exceptional tour!’’

Simba is an exceptional tour operator in Thailand. This was the 2nd tour we purchased with Simba and we received the same level of quality service. The first was Krabi. Momo is an excellent tour guide. She went above and beyond for each passenger. Thank you for the incredible experience. The Pileh lagoon was our absolute favorite part of this tour. Absolutely stunning!!! The noodles they have are perfect and better than a huge life jacket. And cute too :-) also, the tours start super early, but soooo worth it. You beat the crowds, get islands to yourself, and get half of your day back even though it’s a full tour. We are forever grateful for making our visit to Thailand unforgettable!

Krabi Island Tour_2461Krabi Island Tour
Dominic MDominic M, United Kingdom
15th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2464
Dominic M_2464

‘’Read before choosing your boat tour’’

Choose Simba Sea Trips for the early departure tour and had the most amazing time. Professionalisms from beginning to end. You have to wake up early but it is worth it. Had an on-time pick up at 0450 and after a few quick stops to pick up other guests we arrived promptly at the beautiful Phuket Royal Marina. Formalities out of the way, we helped ourselves to a light breakfast followed by a short but informative briefing about the day. The weather was beautiful and we got to see the sunrise as we made our way to bamboo island. After a 50 minute ride we beached, had a stroll, took some pictures and a another nice breakfast was served. Our trip continued to various spots and the final island before going back to Phuket was for lunch. The food was plentiful and delicious. Overall it was a perfect day. The crew were amazing and our guide was funny, helpful and informative. Thanks to them our day went by without any hiccups. What I believe separates Simba from other operators is their effort in personalizing their service. The boat is not overcrowded and we beat the crowd at every stop. This is important and I appreciated that even more when we saw boats arriving with people cramped inside. One stop in particular-monkey island, I witnessed people struggling to get a picture as they made their way to the side of their boat with people already taken a spot. Ours, well nice, easy and no rush. I read a lot of reviews before choosing Simba and I choose to pay more (not that much more than other operators) because I understood what they are trying to do. Well done to Simba sea trips team for raising the bar on quality and providing their guests with a memorable experience. A lot of effort goes into preparing for this day and staff are up at very early hours but still have a smile on their faces. By choosing this team you are ensuring your experience will be worth the money you pay. Don’t blame the weather, don’t blame other operators for your experience and then write it here. Judge every service provider fairly and objectively and compare yours with that of others.

Krabi Island Tour_2464Krabi Island Tour
GatorbooGatorboo, Jacksonville, Florida
15th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2462

‘’Absolutely Excellent’’

I did this trip solo and still had an amazing time. My friend wanted to scuba dive and I wanted a bit more exploration, so we split up. I can't say enough good things about the experience. We had a small, intimate group, which I loved. Even though the beginning of the trip was rainy, every location was beautiful. Our guide was friendly and helpful. He made sure all of us got amazing pictures. Somehow we made it to every site before the massive crowds took over. This tour is more expensive by Thai standards but by American standards the value for the money makes this a cheap trip. It was a luxurious adventure. If I make it back to Thailand, I would make it a point to tour with Simba Sea Trips again. Pro tip: Wear water shoes. It makes the caves much easier.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2462Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Ashley KelleyAshley Kelley, Austin, Texas
15th Nov 2019
  • Star -1_2443
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  • Star -5_2443
Ashley Kelley_2443

‘’Simba Sea knows how to do it!’’

Simba Sea knows how to do it! Smaller group tours, they arrive at islands earlier then other boat tours to avoid crowds, they are organized and timely, they are extremely safe and very accommodating, and their tour guides are the best! It was a perfect adventure for our honeymoon. We actually ended up doing 2 boat tours with them, one for Phi Phi and one for James Bond. We had Yu-E (sorry if I misspelled her name) she was just the sweetest as they come and was wonderful and we had Harry for our other boat tour, he was hysterical and very organized. Please please use them when you go to Thailand, you won’t regret!

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2443Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Olivia GarciaOlivia Garcia, Austin, Texas
14th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2453
Olivia Garcia_2453

‘’Exceptional tour & tour operator!’’

After much time and research spent on TripAdvisor, I came across Simba. I selected Simba because of the excellent reviews provided. I agree with them all and can confirm this is a quality tour operator deserving of the costs. Momo, the crew, the customer service, constant attention to each passenger, attitude, FOOD, and tour were exceptional! The only part of the tour that I didn’t think was a valuable use of time was when we stopped on Railay beach. We walked around a bit to see a cave full of penises, but there wasn’t time to do much more. It just wasn’t that interesting and I would have rather spent it on the beach and in the water. Overall, it was exceptional, so I’m keeping the high rating. We also really liked the bag they let us use to protect our items from water damage. We ending up buying one to use in our travels. Thank you Momo!!!

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2453Phuket Private Boat Charter
sarah tsarah t, Ottawa, Canada
13th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2472
sarah t_2472

‘’A must do!!!’’

Could not fault this trip well worth the money!! The boats are in perfect condition there is only about 15 people on the boat with you and the tour guides are amazing!! You get so much food and there is a constant supply of drinks! The snorkelling equipment is amazing and you see a lot of fishes! This is the only way you should see the phi phi islands if you want to avoid the crowds!! Can’t recommend enough! Cheeky tip try and sit on the right side of the boat you will be on the side of the islands then 😃 Thanks for an amazing day!!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2472Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
nenenangianenenangia, New York City, New York
13th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2417

‘’Phi Phi Island Sunrise Tour’’

Our family did the Phi Phi Islands sunrise tour. Momo and her team were AMAZING. We would definitely recommend this company and Momo again. She made sure the kids had a great time and very attentive to every thing we needed.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2417Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Greg DGreg D, Phi Phi
12th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2470
Greg D_2470

‘’Great day on the water’’

Everything was great. The crew went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a good time. Momo is really fun and added a wonderful dimension and energy to the day. The food was really good and the final stop for lunch was very relaxing and a great was to end the day. Would definitely recommend.

Krabi Island Tour_2470Krabi Island Tour
Lisa BLisa B, New York City, New York
12th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2445
Lisa B_2445

‘’It was a great experience!’’

We did the Sunrise tour. It was a great experience The crew was very friendly. We enjoyed all aspects on the day. A small snack is provided when you first get to the office and a more substantial breakfast upon your first stop. They also had beverages, soda and water available on the boat. The tour was just the right size. We saw other tours that had way more people and couldn’t imagine dealing with that. Lunch was also included on one of the islands (forgot the name). It was the final stop for beach time and lunch before returning to the office. I would recommend to others.

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2445Phuket Private Boat Charter
Vikito91Vikito91, Austin, Texas
09th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2479

‘’What an amazing day!’’

Do not hesitate to book Phi Phi island Sunrise tour with Simba. Yes it is a very early morning start, yes it is probably the most expensive tour, but its really worth it! The crew is so professional, helpful and they really looking after you the whole day, while also making sure that you enjoy the day and have the chance to take pictures to remember! There is no rush the whole day, everything goes so smooth and there is enough time given at each stop. One thing we noticed, the whole day the Simba boats were the only ones which were different from the others, and give you the chance to actually see the surroundings. Once again we want to say thank you for the crew for the amazing and unforgettable day!

Krabi Island Tour_2479Krabi Island Tour
Tourniquet8Tourniquet8, Ottawa, Canada
09th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2468

‘’The food was amazing’’

It was an expensive trip but we were not sorry at all. There were only 14 of us on the boat. The crew and the guide were full of energy and they really looked like they love their job. They were smiling and joking all the time and they showed us some amazing places and helped us with photos. But the most impressive thing was the quality of food. Breakfast was super healthy and delicious. And for lunch we asked for vegan option. They made every dish that was with meat or fish sauce in vegan version. And it was the best meal of our vacation. Thank you for everything:)

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2468Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Wendy BWendy B, United Kingdom
08th Nov 2019
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  • Star -4_2415
  • Star -5_2415
Wendy B_2415

‘’Must do trip!’’

The sunrise Phi Phi Island tour was a highlight of our Thailand tour. All the staff at Simba were very professional and fun! Only 15 people on our tour and 4 members of staff so felt very safe and personal attention and local knowledge of the islands was great. Beautiful sunrise, Lovely Thai breakfast on bamboo island, monkey, island, snorkelling and maya bay all before lunchtime! Special mention to Mo Mo our full of life guide, who was so much fun and Mr N diving expert for making my snorkelling experience extra special pointing out all the amazing fish including sharks, squids, puffer fish and orange/black nemo’s!!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2415Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Sarahlou8888Sarahlou8888, Ottawa, Canada
04th Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2466

‘’Worth every penny!!’’

What a fabulous day!! The trip may be more expensive than their competitors but let me say... it's worth every single penny. Momo and her team are fantastic and make everyone feel very welcome and engaged. I must say st this point that it was a far smaller group on board than many of the other boats that we saw.. but a plus point. It was a very early start..but again.. it was worth it as we were the first boat and first people to set foot on Bamboo island were we also had a delicious brekky on the beach. Every stop at every island we were the first..so you really got to see the real beauty before the hourds started to appear. Mono is a really good snorkeller too so that may every snorkel fantastic... she led you to where you can see the best bits... like reef sharks!!! Just brilliant. Unfortunately much of the actual coral us dead.. but the fish life is still there. Lunch was an unexpected treat of a large sit down affair on an island under the trees on yet another gorgeous Sandy island. Overall a great day. Thank you Mono!!

Simba’s Coral Delight_2466Simba’s Coral Delight
Cendrine RCendrine R, Austin, Texas
01st Nov 2019
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Cendrine R_2476

‘’Absolutely amazing location!’’

This was probably the best organised day trip I have ever been on. It is significantly more expensive than a trip you could organise with the locals on the street but 100% worth the extra cost. The boat was spacious, not shoulder to shoulder with others, the food was outstanding, rice paper rolls, fruit, banana bread, snacks, soft drinks and then a sit down Thai lunch on an island (kids had burgers which were great, adults Thai curries etc). The kayaking was a highlight, the trip was so well organised, every small detail thought of, plus they take photos of you all day and email. Just spend the extra money, you won't regret it!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2476Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
julesrobbojulesrobbo, United Kingdom
01st Nov 2019
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  • Star -5_2416

‘’The Highlight of our trip’’

The phi phi sunrise boat tour with simba sea trips was the absolute highlight of our trip . I will never forget the day . Extremely well organised. From the pre trip communication to the final farewell, everything was obviously well thought out . This trip came recommended to us by friends who had been before us and I am so very pleased that we paid the extra money to take the tour with simba see . They clearly have the safety and enjoyment of their guests at the centre of everything. We witnessed what to us appeared to be a very crowded boat which I would have refused to travel on . We were so grateful we were with simba and not a different provider . The initial crossing can be a little bumpy in places , I’d imagine in rough sea conditions even more so , so it is imperative you cross with a safe and reputable company and crew . The boat was spotlessly clean , the hospitality was second to none . Jane our guide is adorable and our captain and boat boy .we feel privileged to have enjoyed their company and hospitality. Food , snacks and drinks were plentiful. The lunch was amazing . A fantastic day with gorgeous scenery. A day we will never forget . Thank you !

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2416Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
newport68newport68, Jacksonville, Florida
30th Oct 2019
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  • Star -5_2474

‘’Brilliant day’’

We were recommended by relatives to use Simba as we wanted to go to Bond island and with so many tours to choose from we went with recommendation. Simba are not the cheapest but they are the best, we saw boats with hoards of people and ours was just a group of 18. We had lots of soft drinks, fresh fruit and delicious banana cake( my sister doesn’t like bananas but loved the cake) We were taken to places not on the normal tourist route. We arrived before the crowds and this meant we got some fantastic pictures. I struggled with getting on and off the boat (bad knees and hips) but the guys there were great they pulled the boat in closer to the shore so I could get on, they never made me feel like I was a pain. The local knowledge was brilliant and fascinating, you would not get the personal touch elsewhere as you do with Simba, all the guys were brilliant.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2474Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Layla KLayla K, New York City, New York
23rd Oct 2019
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  • Star -5_2418
Layla K_2418

‘’Breathtakingly Beautiful’’

Can’t recommend Simba Sea Tours enough. We did the Phi Phi sunrise tour. Yes it was a very early start but worth it. The crew are fantastic, very helpful, funny and knowledgable. The islands themselves are stunning and being able to see that I thank Simba Tours for offering these opportunities. Fantastic day to see parts of the world that you thought only existed in movies and on postcards

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2418Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Mitch MMitch M, Austin, Texas
08th Oct 2019
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  • Star -5_2433
Mitch M_2433

‘’Amazing Experience’’

Went on the phi phi island tour at sunrise and it was an amazing experience well worth the money boat wasn't overload the lunch was pretty good but most importantly you were there nice and early in maya bay to get a good photo without thousand of tourists wrecking it. The staff were amazing especially as they even went to buy some beer for the trip back vest phi phi island tour I have done

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2433Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
jessecat37jessecat37, Phi Phi
02nd Oct 2019
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  • Star -5_2419

‘’Amazing Tour’’

Once again we had a fantastic day with Simba Tours during the Phi Phi Sunrise tour.Having been with Simba on our first visit to Phuket many years before,we knew how popular they are so we booked early. Last year, we were disappointed,as Simba were fully booked and we had to go on tour with another tour company which was much larger and more commercial. The early pick up from our hotel was on time and our briefing at the Marina Office with snacks was very welcome, before boarded the speedboat. We had a great day during a fun with an amazing team on board. Mamo looked after us so well, she was such fun as were both other crew members. Highly recommend this tour as we got to see a most beautiful part of Thailand with a great guides. Thank you Simba Tours!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2419Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Tania ShawTania Shaw, Jacksonville, Florida
21st Sep 2019
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  • Star -4_2478
  • Star -5_2478
Tania Shaw_2478

‘’Amazing experience !!!’’

I don't normally write reviews but this is simply a must do tour, the staff are excellent, the locations speak for themself & the experience was fantastic. They explain everything, they never stop checking that everything is good and they they seem to be offering food & drinks (all included) all the time. The boat was great and the saftey equipment was in good condition - we would definately do this again - Thank You

Phuket Private Boat Charter_2478Phuket Private Boat Charter
KinkoonaKinkoona, New York City, New York
05th Aug 2019
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  • Star -5_2480

‘’Once in a life time experience!!’’

Review of: Phang Nga Bay and Beyond by Simba Sea Trips Excellent day out. Early start with small group lead by the ever professional Harry and his crew. Every spot we got to was awesome with little to no other tourists. James Bond island out highlight but even just having a swim post lunch in the afternoon on a remote beach whist Harry and crew broke apart several coconuts for the guests to enjoy was just magic. We went with my two kids, my daughter especially who is somewhat erratic, warmed up to the day with the help of the staff. Whilst the tour might be more expensive than others, you get what you pay for and the high standards Simba set should not be discounted. Many thanks again!!!

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2480Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
UVSrokaUVSroka, Austin, Texas
30th Jul 2019
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  • Star -5_2477

‘’What a treat :-)’’

Our family of five did a private boat day trip with Simba on one of their 36 foot boats. The boat was clean and in great condition. Khun Harry, Khun Daeng and Khun Toon took amazing care of us and pampered along the way. We started our tour at noon and first visited those sites and beaches without tourist. After 3pm we then visited the tourist spots to find them all without tourist. The masses had already retuned and we thus had those amazing caves and lagunas to ourselves. Harry, our tour guide spoke very good English and he knew a lot about the nature and history of each place. This trip comes at a price but being spoiled by the Simba team and having that wonderful Natur to ourselves was definitely with it!!

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2477Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
nickygreg0rynickygreg0ry, United Kingdom
14th Jun 2019
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  • Star -5_2449

‘’Beautiful Empty Beaches - fantastic’’

We had a wonder day with Momo and her team. The whole day was planned out to make sure we avoided the crowds, and had as much of the beaches and snorkeling locations to ourselves. We travelled with two small kids, who shared the amazing experience, and we were completely confident in the safety of the crew and boat (which has not always been our experiences in Thailand). My husband is vegetarian, and everything was catered for no problems at all. We cannot wait to come back to Thailand and try one of the other day tours.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_2449Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
RenTineeeaRenTineeea, Ottawa, Canada
17th Apr 2019
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  • Star -5_2420

‘’Book This Company!’’

A friend of mine recommended this company. We did the Phi Phi boat tour at sunrise. It’s definitely a little painful waking up at 4am for a 5am hotel pick up, but it’s worth it! Our driver picked us up on time from our hotel, brought us to the marina, and straight to Simba’s office. They had snacks, coffee, juice, bread, jam, hard boiled eggs and cereal. After we snacked a little, our tour guide (lewie) showed us a map and explained what our day would consist of. The biggest upshots of this company: the tours are small (about 15 ppl) on a medium sized boat and because Simba starts so early, we got to all the awesome locations before the tourist hell began. It was so nice spending time on the beach, (they provide snacks all day including soda and water), gave us breakfast on bamboo beach (yummy spring rolls, banana bread, fruit) and provided snorkeling equipment. I am a weak swimmer and Lewie helped me with everything I needed! She also explained so much to us at each stop...we learned a lot! We weren’t rushed in each spot either. She took pictures of us, did videos of us jumping of the front of the boat, so fun! Someone in our group cut their foot on some coral and the Simba team had all the first aid supplies on hand. We ended the day with lunch on another island and lounging in the beach... and again just as we were getting ready to head back to the marina, multilevel boats arrived with hundreds of people! The driver brought us right back to our hotel. If you want to avoid the tourist nightmare and have an amazing experience, book Simba!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2420Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Katie MKatie M, New York City, New York
20th Dec 2018
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  • Star -5_2422
Katie M_2422

‘’Simba Sea Trips’’

We took the Phi Phi Sunrise tour first and loved it so much we booked the James Bond Island tour the next day. Everything down to the small details are thought of, the price covers an amazing Thai lunch, and any extras at any stops (minus alcohol purchases) fresh fruit and water and soda throughout the day. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, and they are great photographers as well! Book these tours you will not regret it!

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2422Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Jodie WJodie W, United Kingdom
11th Dec 2018
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  • Star -4_2423
  • Star -5_2423
Jodie W_2423

‘’Phi Phi Island Sunrise Tour’’

Can't say the words to describe the day. It was faultless. The staff that went above and beyond to assist you, the food that was endless and delicious and the locations that were perfect. The early start that got us ahead of all the other boats was great. In whole this tour is amazing.

Krabi Island Tour_2423Krabi Island Tour
Richard MRichard M, Ottawa, Canada
25th Jul 2018
  • Star -1_2482
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  • Star -4_2482
  • Star -5_2482
Richard M_2482

‘’Excellent Day’’

Professionalism and safety too notch First class all the way. Took the tour to James Bond island. Fresh fruit and snacks served through the day. Had enough time at all destinations with the comfort of seeing safety was practiced first.

Krabi Island Tour_2482Krabi Island Tour
Steve BSteve B, Phi Phi
15th Jul 2018
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  • Star -5_2483
Steve B_2483

‘’#1 Tour in the World’’

#1 Tour in the World Review of: Phi Phi Sunrise by Simba Sea Trips I've been on Koh Phi Phi Don and surrounding Islands tours 5 times over the last 8 years and Simba is the best tour operator by FAR. The quality of staff and their detailed explanations of the sights is excellent. The day is carefully and not too busily planned...drinks and fresh fruit are in plentiful supply as you move between islands. It is difficult to describe the beauty of the Islands and Phi Phi in particular is to me the number one natural wonder of the world - I never tire of going there. Yes, the Islands are crowded; yes at times litter is disappointing (instead of complaining be a decent human being, pick it up after the lazy neanderthal tourists and bin it!!!)...to let these considerations stop you from a world class tourism highlight would be a travesty! Simba is the best way to experience this.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2483Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
TheVirginiaGentlemanTheVirginiaGentleman, Harrisonburg, VA, USA
15th Jun 2018
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  • Star -5_5945

‘’The highlight of our trip to Thailand’’

My wife and I visited the island Phuket from June 18 through June 21 and were very excited about taking a boat tour of Phang Nga Bay. We had seen countless photographs and videos depicting the natural beauty of the place and the prospect of getting to experience it in-person was, perhaps, the thing that we were looking forward to the most. I spent a lot of time before our trip looking online for the company that I believed would give us the best experience and I finally landed on the website for Simba Sea Trips. After much debate, it was through Simba that I booked our trip and we were NOT DISAPPOINTED.


The Simba Sea Trips website is excellent. The site is filled with beautiful photographs and is easy to navigate. The company provides a brief summary of each tour that is provided (not all tours are for Phang Nga Bay), a brief itinerary of what the tour entails and a clear statement about the cost of each tour. I was required to put down a deposit at the time of booking and the balance was due the morning of the trip. Further, while I was still at home looking for “the right company” I had several questions that I wanted answered and I reached out to the company through e-mail. Their responses were timely and provided clear and unequivocal answers.

In my opinion, the overall value of the tour for the price is excellent. Included in the cost of the tour is: (i) speed boat transportation to and from Phang Nga Bay as well as all the stops in between, (ii) the tour guide and boat crew, (iii) the cost of the sea canoeing (although a small and separate tip for the boatman is expected) and (iv) the cost of land transportation on Koh Yao Noi and (v) lunch. I’ll talk a bit about some of these things later, but it suffices to say that for a ¾ day, semi-private boat tour, I thought that the value of the tour was exceptional.

The Tour Guide/Boat Crew:

I do not remember the name of our tour guide but I can say that she was very professional and personable. I did have some trouble understanding her at times, but for the most part, her English was pretty good. Irrespective of her English skills, her “people skills” were excellent and she was super quick to offer to take pictures of my wife and I together. As anyone who has been on vacation with their spouse knows, most of your pictures end up being of either one partner or the other, but its often hard to get pictures of both of you together. Luckily, our guide more than solved this issue for us and we have a large number of wonderful photographs of my wife and I together on this tour.

The rest of the boat crew (who I also cannot remember the names of) were equally personable. Their English was not as good as our guide, but since we were not really spending a lot of time talking to them, it made little difference. These guys were professional, friendly and made certain to be on hand to help us get into and out of the boat at the various stops.

The Tour:

So… while this was easily my favorite thing that we did in while in Thailand, it almost did not happen. Please remember when booking a trip like this that June is, in fact, the beginning of the rainy season in Thailand. I knew that when we booked the trip but I suppose that, having never been to a country with a tropical “monsoon” climate before, I didn’t really understand what that could mean. Travelers may not really have to worry about the weather in Phuket during the dry season, but my advice to those traveling to Thailand during the rainy season is “book your tour for early in your visit”.

I originally wanted to take the “Phang Nga and Beyond” tour through Simba, but I waited too long to book the trip on the day that I wanted to go and it filled up. Luckily, the “Phang Nga and Kho Panyee” tour was still available during our stay and I booked that trip for Tuesday, June 19. We arrived in Phuket on the evening of the 17th and it rained basically all night and then all day on the 18th. We began to get worried as the day went on and were temporarily disappointed when we got the e-mail from Simba telling us that the weather was simply going to be too rough to risk the tour the next day.

This is where Simba Sea Trips really stood out to me. In the e-mail postponing the trip, the company immediately offered to get us into one of their other trips in the following days. They also offered to refund our deposit if we could not attend any of the other trips while we were still in Phuket. Luckily for us, the company opened a second “Phang Nga and Beyond” trip on June 20th and we jumped at the opportunity. For me, this was extra lucky because that was the tour we had originally wanted to go on anyway.

The moral of my story is… when staying in Thailand during the rainy season, book your tour with Simba in the first day or two of your stay so that you have some wiggle room if the weather turns sour. The company is very accommodating and will work hard to get you either rescheduled or onto a different tour.

The morning of the 20th broke with the sun finally coming out from behind the clouds and the Simba van was waiting for us at front of our hotel right at the scheduled pick-up time. We traveled from our hotel in Karon to the Royal Phuket Marina (which is where the company appears to be based) and found coffee and light snacks waiting for us on arrival. I paid for the balance of the trip, met our tour guide and we departed from the Marina along with the other members of our tour group.

Importantly, I will note that when Simba advertises that it keeps the number of guests small, they are not kidding. Despite the fact that there were a lot of folks going out on the tour on the 20th (due to the weather the previous days), Simba split the group into two and sent out two boats instead of one. We were on the Simba VI and, including my wife and I, there were 14 people on our boat. The boat was clean, well kept, and there was plenty of room for all of the guests. At no time did I ever feel crowded or ignored. I cannot tell you how many people went out on the other boat that morning, but I can tell you that it was less than the advertised maximum of 16. Each guest was provided with a “dry bag” into which we could put belongings that we did not want to get wet, but truthfully, there was very little that we needed to take on the trip anyway. With the exception of sunscreen, a towel and our cameras, Simba provided basically everything else that was needed.

The only “bad” part of the trip was well beyond the control of Simba. Despite the fantastic weather that we woke up to on the 20th, it started to rain immediately when we left the dock. Luckily, the hardest rain seemed to stay in Phuket as we traveled north to Phang Nga, but it did drizzle most of the trip. Frankly, it DID NOT MATTER. The bay remained tranquil through the majority of the trip and the drizzle did nothing to dampen our spirits or ruin the trip. Only toward the end of the day did we get hit with a true “monsoon” which made traveling on the bay more difficult. Because of this, the guides did have to cut the afternoon part of the tour (after lunch) short. Again, not their fault and completely understandable.

While on the tour we did the following:

James Bond Island: The first stop for us was the famous “James Bond Island”. While this stop is probably the most commercialized of the stops, Simba got us to the island before any other tour groups and we basically had the entire island to ourselves for the time we were there. We arrived even before the “market stalls” had opened and so, blessedly were not harassed by people trying to sell us trinkets and souvenirs. I would also note that the other Simba boat that went out that morning did not follow our itinerary and so they did not go to James Bond Island until later. So basically, there were 14 of us at the island, by ourselves, to enjoy the quiet and beauty of the place. The island itself is beautiful and has ample spots for photo-ops. Also, upon leaving the island, there was banana bread, fresh fruit and drinks waiting for us on the boat which we were able to snack on while heading for the next destination.

Koh Hong: The “sea canoeing” at Koh Hong was probably my favorite part of the tour. It was serene, relaxing and stunning to be slowly cruising among the stacks and into the Hong itself where the trees cling to the side of the cliffs and the cliffs surround you on every side. It was truly and experience I will never forget. Interestingly, Simba does not have staff that operate the canoes. The canoes appear to have been operated by locals who have a small “dock” erected near the Hong. We arrived in the Simba boat, docked at this spot and were paired up with one of the oarsmen who paddled us out into the nearby Hong. The oarsman spoke about 5 words of English but was an exceedingly friendly guy who actually got out of the canoe at one point (in some shallow water) and took some photos of my wife and I in the canoe. As stated previously, it is expected that you give a small tip to your oarsman and this “tip” is not included in the cost of the tour.

Koh Phanak: Like the sea canoeing, this island includes an isolated area inside of the island, however, unlike the sea canoeing, the area within the island was not flooded with water at the time of our visit. Upon arrival, we departed the boat, donned our hard hats and walked through a sea cave to access the isolated area within. Access to the cave was pretty easy although I imagine that persons with disabilities would have trouble navigating the cave. The hard hats are a MUST because the roof of the cave is low and I probably would have split my head open on several occasions but for the hard hat. Once reaching the other end of the cave, the isolated world that lies therein is amazing. Mangroves, mudskippers and other flora and fauna abound and although we did not see any, it is apparently not uncommon for folks to see crab-eating monkeys from time to time.

Unknown Island: After leaving the cave, we traveled to another island somewhere within the bay to relax and go swimming for about 45 minutes to an hour. By this time, the clouds had parted and the sun had come out again and so swimming in the calm water of the bay was very enjoyable.

Koh Yao Noi: After swimming, the tour took us to an inhabited island where we left the boats for some land transportation to our lunch destination. The island itself was a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Phuket island and gave what I suppose I would describe as a more “authentic” view of day to day life in Thailand. We didn’t really stop anywhere but the restaurant where we had lunch, but we got to see a good bit of the island as we traveled from the dock to the restaurant.

After lunch: I will talk about our meal later, but this, I must say is where the trip basically ended. While the plan was to head for Coconut Island (I think) for an afternoon of swimming and snorkeling, a torrential rainstorm set in as soon as we left the restaurant and it DID NOT STOP. The bay got pretty choppy and after trying to sail around and wait out the storm, the crew decided that it was probably hopeless (and perhaps getting a bit dicey on the water) and we headed back to the Phuket Marina. To be clear, I supported this decision wholeheartedly and even though it did cut the day short, there was NO WAY we were going to be able to do anything in that weather.


Lunch was, in a word, awesome. We ate at a restaurant on Koh Yao Noi that was called “The Pyramid” and I cannot say enough about the meal. The restaurant itself was “open-air” but still covered so that we could enjoy eating outside. The proprietor and staff were very friendly and the food was excellent. We had several different options to choose from and the proprietor brought out the different choices in large plates/bowls for the table to share. There was rice, garlic and pepper prawns, green curry chicken, cashew chicken and some sort of vegetable dish with different types of cabbage. The food was fresh and absolutely delicious. I am pretty certain that we overheard the proprietor talking to some of the other guests about using coconut milk from the nearby trees to “dilute” the green curry chicken and make is slightly less spicy. In truth, our meal at The Pyramid may have been the best meal that we had while we were in Thailand.


Overall, I can say that this tour was the highlight of my Thailand trip. I believe that my wife would agree with this assertion. The “Phang Nga and Beyond” tour was exotic and exciting and I remember thinking as we sailed into and around the stacks of the bay that I felt almost like I was visiting a primitive and pre-historic world. The experience was truly beyond words and the photographs that we took really cannot do justice to the beauty of the place. Simba Sea Trips did a fantastic job organizing this trip and providing us with an experience that I will never, ever forget. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to go on a tour in Phuket and I would not hesitate to book with them again.

Phang Nga Bay & Beyond_5945Phang Nga Bay & Beyond
Philhen86Philhen86, Austin, Texas
22nd May 2018
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‘’Simba Sea Trips - Tour Operators’’

I can honestly say this was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and so glad we picked Simba sea trips as the tour operator. We got picked up at 5am from our hotel then taken to the marina. Once at the marina we got offered refreshments and told what the plan was for the day ahead. We got taken onto one of their speed boats and we set off. The speed boat is fast and got us to our first destination in about an hour. We had all drinks and food included in the trip. The drinks (soft drinks) were unlimited and you could help yourself from the cooler on the boat. The food provided was plentiful and fantastic tasting. Really nice Thai food.. The staff on the boat were really friendly and informed us on the area and all the fish we could see when we’re snorkelling.. I would highly recommend using this company and would use them again to do a tour as they offer different tours. Pre book your tour before traveling to Thailand and don’t just use a tout on the street when you get there. Simba only fills the boat with 16 people but if you go with other operators they cram as many people on to their boats as possible. Simba has personal feel about them and that makes the trip better.. A* service!!!!

Simba’s Coral Delight_2424Simba’s Coral Delight
MystX1MystX1, United Kingdom
12th Apr 2018
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‘’Simba Sea Trips - Tour Operators’’

We did the Phi Phi sunrise tour. Transport was on time, the plan for the day was explained to us before we set off, and the crew were friendly and know their stuff. The islands are beautiful, everyone will say that and you really need to go and experience for yourself. But the crew seem to put a lot of work into finding the quieter places for snorkeling etc - they even found a quiet beach for us to have lunch on (lunch was great too). This was well worth the price to go out with a smaller group and beat most of the crowds.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2425Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
L. MiljourL. Miljour, Phi Phi
13th Mar 2018
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L. Miljour_2427

‘’Simba Sea Trips - Tour Operators’’

Phi Phi Sunrise tour - Very well organized, although a very early but necessary departure. It's pricey but you get what you pay for and we are very pleased we picked this company. You beat the crowds! We were picked up at 4:50am and arrived at the marina shortly before 6am and we were soon on our way - in a boat that was only 2 months old. Everything you need pretty well for the day is supplied - nice Thai breakfast on Maya beach, snorkeling twice...once with the black tipped sharks below. Very informative tour guide. The scenery is beyond description and even pictures don't do it justice. Lunch is provided and quite good. Just a stunning, wonderful day. Highly recommend it and this company.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2427Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Run MRun M, Jacksonville, Florida
07th Mar 2018
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Run M_2426

‘’If you've only time for one tour’’

This was such a fun day. It started very early since they picked us up at 5:00 AM. The tour starts at 6 so you can watch the sunrise while you are headed out to the islands. This company really has it down, they are very organized. There is breakfast set out while people are checking in, they even have dramamine sitting out for those who get seasick. They are around at all times to make sure the can take your pictures anytime you want.

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2426Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
Chris JChris J, Austin, Texas
02nd Mar 2018
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Chris J_2295

‘’Sunrise Fantastic’’

We did the 1/2 day phi phi sunrise tour...what a fantastic day we were picked up from our hotel in Patong and taken to marina.. served some light refreshments shown where we would be going and then the fun begins unlike other companies we where put on new boat max 16 people and taken to some unbelievable spots to snorkel and swim the staff where so professional and kind... light breakfast on phi phi don I think swimming and then some snorkeling... taken for beautiful lunch and more snorkelling I highly recommend this company and will definitely be using them again... a big thanks to all our crew for creating unforgettable memories

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2295Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
Steve PSteve P, Ottawa, Canada
10th Jan 2018
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Steve P_2429

‘’Great Professional Company’’

I selected Simba based upon other TripAdvisor reviews and am very happy. We took the Phi Phi Island Tour at Sunrise yesterday and the James Bond Island Tour today. There were entirely different crews and BOTH were outstanding. I think what I liked best about Simba was their boat capacity of 16 passengers and 3 crew. There was plenty of space to "spread out". Those who wanted to ride in the hull could. And, those who were a bit older (such as myself) could ride in the back where it wasn't quite as windy. I watched some boats unloading at the various locales in which the passengers were packed in like sardines. I can't imagine that you would be disappointed. This is not a flim-flam operation. It is professional all the way.

Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise_2429Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Sunset Cruise
codeoptimistcodeoptimist, Jacksonville, Florida
14th Dec 2017
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‘’Excellent Tour and Service’’

My wife and I booked the sunrise Phi Phi island tour on our recent visit to Phuket. The views were incredible! We really appreciated the route that Simba planned for us. We were able to enjoy some spectacular beaches and views before the big waves of tourists showed up. We initially had some trouble with the reservation, but the folks at Simba took care of all of our concerns. I was impressed with their attention to detail. I wouldn't hesitate to book again.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2430Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
travisoltravisol, United Kingdom
16th Nov 2017
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‘’The crew were as great as the view!’’

We did the Phi Phi sunrise tour with Simba, and what a great day it was so well organised from pick up to drop off, the beaches, great food,crystal clear warm water, and the best boat on Phi Phi! will be something that we will remember forever , but what really made the trip special was the crew our guides name was Tae,captain lip, and deckhand Dune, and they all went above and beyond to make the kids and our trip a great one and we hope we can meet you again one day for another trip with Simba. Thanks so much.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2431Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
simplysimplifysimplysimplify, New York City, New York
11th Oct 2017
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‘’Excellent Tours’’

We did Phang Nga and Beyond and Phi Phi Sunrise. We enjoyed both tours. From Stewart to both boat crews and guides -everyone was great. Punctual pickup, worth the early pickup. As they claim, we always were ahead of the other boats/crowds. Even having non-swimmers in our group, we enjoyed the tours. If you’re a non-swimmer there is nothing to be concerned about with Phang Nga Tour. For Phi Phi tour, guide was very patient and helpful with several non-swimmers during the snorkeling portion. They also provide swim noodles, so you’ll be fine. Highly recommend.

Phi Phi Sunrise Tour_2432Phi Phi Sunrise Tour
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